Berry Delicious!

July 11, 2012

It's Berry Season... and I love it!  Berries are one of my favorite summer fruits.  There is nothing like the perfectly ripe and juicy strawberry or raspberry!  I think that easier and more affordable access to delicious fruits and veggies during the summer actually make following Weight Watchers easier for me during the summer!

Recently I was asked to try out a new berry recipe on the Driscoll's berry site.  I had a really hard time deciding between all the delicious recipes, and while I really wanted to try the Superstar Blueberry and Raspberry Lemon Cake, I settled for something I knew I could make fit more easily in the Weight Watchers plan, Tiramisu Mixed Berry Trifle

Of course... with all recipes, I tend to take the idea and make some changes to make it healthier. 

So I swapped out Cool Whip Light for the heavy cream and confectioners' sugar...
I eliminated the mascarpone altogether...
And I used sponge cake instead of ladyfingers...

The results were a delicious hit with both my family and friends!
An easy and delicious 4 PointsPlus summer dessert!

I'll definitely be trying more of the Driscoll's recipes soon!  I'm thinking this Ginger Raspberry and Strawberry smoothie is next.

Driscoll's ask me to try out a recipe and post about it.  They sent me coupons for $2 off berries to assist with the recipe.  Opinions expressed are all mine - I really DO love berries!

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