New Year, New Chances

January 07, 2013

If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you'll know that last Thursday was my first weigh in at Weight Watchers since mid December.  It was not pretty... not pretty at all.

Up 7.8 pounds! 

So with that, looking back on 2012, I managed to lose 8 pounds all year.  8 stinking, stupid pounds.  I can just hear you now... at least you didn't gain 8 pounds.  True, true, and you know what?  You are right.  I accept the loss of those 8 pounds, and move on.  I weigh less than I did last year at this time, and although I wished I weighed even less, even 8 pounds is win.

All that said, I am not so happy with myself, and just ignoring the Weight Watchers plan since oh... maybe September.

And while it's so incredibly cliche it hurts my teeth.  It is a new year, a new start, and a new chance to succeed.  It feels good.  I got right back to it on Thursday with this weigh in, and I've been making good choices and tracking ever since... even through the weekend.  I am starting to get rid of the sugar high I've been on and try to really listen to my body.

2013 - What will I do with it?  What are my goals?

My goal is simple, and no its actually NOT about losing weight:
Eat for fuel, give my body the good fuel it deserves, and stop feeding it full of junk.

That's it... it's that easy.

And yet, we all know that it isn't that easy.  No... I'm not saying I'm going Paleo, or clean eating or anything like that, but I am trying to eat less garbage, more whole foods, more clean foods, less processed junk. 

And I'm hoping in the process I lose more weight.  My clothes don't fit, and I have several tubs of 10s and 8s I'd love to be in before 2014 hits!  I'm hoping in the process I make it back to my goal weight, and can finally stop paying for Weight Watchers once and for all.

So, the first specific goal I'm incorporating this week, is exactly what the Weight Watchers 360 program is asking us to do:  Eat a fruit/veggie as or with every snack.  It sounds easy.  It's not.
Case in point:  Last night, 10 pm on the couch.  I wanted ice cream, and no caramel sauce is not a fruit or veggie to add to it.  Instead I thought about it for a long time, no rash decisions were made.  And I finally decided I could live without ice cream - and I measured myself out a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and some mandarin oranges to go with it.  It was tasty and satisfied what I was looking for without heading to the ice cream.

So there you have it.  My 2013 goal.
Welcome to 2013!  What's your goal for this year?

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  1. Thanks Sara for your post. I'm so glad you're back! I know your life is beyond busy, but selfishly I missed your posts and I hope that you can continue with them. I am a lifetime member currently not at goal with more up and down losses than I can count over the years. I am down 4 pounds from last year. I'd love for it to be less, but I am glad it's not up. I thought my New Year's resolution would be to never give WW another $$, but after only one week into the new year I can see that I can't do this on my own, so I will be going back to WW tomorrow. Thanks again for your post. You're Awesome!

  2. That fruit or veggie with every snack is a real habit-changer for me! Love it.

  3. Great post! All of those girls are adorable.

    I too have struggled with my weight forever. I had gastric bypass 20 months ago, and no, my struggles still aren't over! I lost 90 pounds in the first year (needed to lose 106 to hit a normal BMI).

    Then, at a year, I stopped working out and ALL of my old eating habits came back. I gained 18 pounds in about 5 month and it wasn't stopping! About 6 weeks ago I decided to give Atkins a try. Amazingly it took my crazy carb/sugar monster away! I feel 1000x better and have lost 15 pounds! I just cannot moderate those types of foods, even with my altered anatomy. It's been surprisingly easy to follow even with 2 young boys in the house that I have to keep carbs around for.

    Good luck, everyone needs to find what works them. Mine seems to be WLS and low carb.

    Keep pressing on, it's worth it!!


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