Baby You're Worth It

November 02, 2016

You know the song - it's playing in your head right now isn't it?  #sorrynotsorry
But seriously... worth... self-worth.  It's a bigger issue/topic than you probably think.

Right now I want you to go to the mirror and look at yourself.  Can you look at yourself and honestly say "I LOVE YOU!"?

Even though over the last 5+ years I've gotten fatter and fatter (yes shock the "F" word!), I've learned to love myself and treat myself with the respect that I deserve.  Do I always look in the mirror and say "I LOVE YOU!" ?  Nope!  But I try to, and I've learned along the way that I'm worthy of taking care of myself even if I'm overweight.

I've taught myself how to actually apply makeup the right way (Thanks  YouTube)!
I purchased myself some lovely jewelry.
I finally decided to do something about my hairy face (Thanks PCOS) and get it waxed
I learned how to do my brows.
I learned how to dress myself at the weight that I'm at - and look damn good doing it!
I learned to walk with confidence regardless of my size.
I learned to speak up for myself, and be comfortable striking up a conversation with someone new.

Were these things always easy?  Nope.  I mean forcing myself into social situations and striking up new conversations with someone was basically torture.  But you know what? I'm worth it.  I'm fun, I have value to add to someone's life, and I deserve to be heard just like the skinny girl.
I deserve to have kick ass makeup and clothes.
I deserve to have a flattering haircut and be pampered
I deserve a killer pair of boots or heels.
I deserve a full body massage without shame.
I deserve to wear something a little or a lot sexy.
I deserve to walk into a store and not have to shrink to the back to the hidden plus size section!

I'm worth it.
You are worth it!
You deserve it too!  Never forget that.

Because you can't work on the outside until you've worked on the inside.

Now... your mission should you choose to accept it is to write yourself a love letter.  Yep, I said write yourself a love letter.  Then put it away someplace and open it up in around 6-12 months and read it to yourself.

Comment below that you've written yourself a love letter and next week on Wednesday I'll choose 1 person to win a fun beauty product from my stash of things I love!

Now head on over to my Facebook page tonight to get some fashion tips from yours truly!

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  1. I love this! And I'm writing myself a love letter now!


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