Friday Cuteness

October 28, 2016

Nothing more than a little something cute for a Friday.  My girlie got new glasses this week!  I'm biased but isn't she adorable?!?

She is my WORLD!
Everything I do, I do for her - even losing weight.
It took me 5 years to realize that she needs a healthy mama!  I want to be around to love her, care for her, and see her grow up.  There was a reason she made it, and I know and believe in my heart that God has some HUGE plans for her!  I certainly don't want to miss that.

Lean By 2017!  I'm doing it!  I'm giving it my all!
I'm doing it for me... of course, but I'm doing it for her!
Watch me... or join me!  Let's do this!

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