Rain Rain Go Away!

April 26, 2017

It's been incredibly gray and rainy here for the last couple of days!  Which is why I'm still in a floral and bright colors mood!

I offer you my outfits from the last couple of days.
I am seriously in love with this Lularoe Amelia Dress - guys it has freaking pockets!!!  Did you catch that?  Pockets!!!!!!  Ok, ok, I'm a dork, but a dress with pockets is like a magical unicorn to me.  And the top is fitted - nice to show off the um... assets - hey flaunt it if ya got it (within reason of course)!  While the bottom has these incredibly cute pleats that seem to hide my belly!  (And no, I don't sell Lularoe - I'm just a huge fan and appreciate that they make cute clothes for ALL SIZES!)

My necklace is a go to from Stella and Dot that I picked up a couple of years ago!
Then there's this beautiful perfect pink open cardi I just picked up from Torrid a few weeks ago and I have to say it is perfect with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.  I'm wearing a Torrid size 2 for reference.

And of course there are those amazing sandals again from DSW and Steve Madden!  I love that I can use olive as a neutral!

Maybe florals aren't for you... that's ok!  Try any of my outfit ideas and sub in a bright print.  Case in point, my outfit from yesterday!

I seriously love the abstract combo of bright orange, purple, and turquoise in this Lularoe Carly dress!!! Yep... it's a dress - I tied it up in the front with a pony tail holder to make it more into a tunic!  I added leggings in a complimentary color - one from the top, and because it's rainy and a chilly a long Purple duster, and some metallic flats!  If you remember my "rules" from my post on Monday, you'll remember how with wearing florals and bold prints you should "break up the pattern"  This outfit perfectly illustrates that concept!

I couldn't end this without showing you a picture of my face from yesterday compared with my face from exactly a year ago!  Make sure you are following my Instagram to see more!

My eyes are so dang puffy I could barely see out of them.   I was a vision of unhealthiness.  I let myself go so far and I thought I would never dig myself out!  Now, this April I'm lighter - with a LONG ways to go still but that's ok!  I'm also so much happier.  I have truly nourished by mind, body, and soul.

Love yourself.
Take care of yourself.
You are worth it.
Trust me ... I've been there and back!
Have an amazing day, and leave me a comment telling me what you'd like to learn more about/see more of from me!


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