Fashion, Body Positive, and Finding Myself

April 21, 2017

Yeah - I know, it's mid April, and my last post was at the end of November.  Let me catch you up a little, and talk about the direction I hope to take going forward.

In November I came down with a horrible bought of pneumonia that lasted until the end of the year.  I thought I would never get better, but slowly I did.  We saw 2017 in and I sat myself down and said pretty sternly to myself, "Sarah, you try and try to find happiness and lose weight.  You think that losing weight will make you happy, but it won't.  What will make you happy is to start living your life again, and stop waiting for the weight to come off."  

And you know what?  I took myself seriously.  No, I didn't stop my weight loss journey.  I continued, and I'm happy to say I'm down 36 lbs and 30+ inches now!  I'm down 3 sizes! 

Progress!!! 36 lbs and 30 inches gone! 
But what I did do is start filling my head with images of real people.  Women that looked like me, not like models.  I stopped reading things with airbrushed images.  I started looking at cellulite, and fat legs, and bellies, and seeing the beauty that exists.  And along the way I started to freaking love myself!  It was incredibly freeing, and honestly the more I loved myself the more I took care of myself.  I was healthier mind and body.

In March, I turned 40 and spent 5 glorious day with  one of my besties on the beach in Cancun - minus kids or hubby!  Oh... and I wore a freaking bikini for the first time in my life!  And I ROCKED the SHIT outta it!

Oh yeah, and my sneaky sisters collaborated with my husband to surprise me and come the 1200+ miles to be with me on my birthday! 

I guess you say I have been out enjoying life! 

Through this journey of self love and #bodypositive or #bopo if you follow Instagram I have been taking a lot of pics!  Especially full body pics!  And have been exploring and experimenting with outfits - even wearing some things (i.e. shorts and bikinis) that I would have never wore before!

So that brings me to moving forward with this blog.  YES!  I am still losing weight and want to share about that.  But even more so I would love to bring you beauty and fashion tips to help you on your own body positive and self love journey!  If you are like me, I truly now believe that this is a must if you are going to positively affect your weight!  I can't wait to share more on what is up my sleeve!  But for now - TGIF!!!  

Sarah - aka Fat Little Legs

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