Sunrise Dilemma

July 26, 2010

There is a little bit of sadness around me tonight.  No, it's nothing horrible or anything.  It's just the stark realization that my ability to run in the mornings is coming to a very abrupt end.  I haven't run in the early morning (5:30 ish) since last Tuesday.  Thursday I was out of town and I ran Sunday around 8:00 am.  And now - this week - the sun doesn't come up until 5:51 am tomorrow, and by the end of the week it will be nearly 6:00 am.  This leaves me with issues I don't have the time or the desire to deal with right now.  See... I work at 7:00 am.  My run takes about 35 minutes.  I have to pretty much leave by 5:30 in order to get back in time to shower and make it to work by 7:00. 

Sure, I could run in the evenings, but here's the thing... I can't.  As I found out during a couple of previous disaster runs, and was again terribly reminded of on Sunday morning - my body has no heat tolerance.  Even at 8:00 at 70 some degrees it was too hot for me on Sunday and caused a spell with dizziness and nausea I'd rather not think about, let alone discuss.  Oh yeah, and if you haven't heard enough excuses, I don't belong to a gym, so the dreadmill is not an option.  I belong to Curves right now, and it's just circuit training.

Sigh.  I swear I am not trying to sound all whiny, but yet as I reread those last 2 paragraphs that's exactly how I sound.  I'm just trying to process the demise of summer and figure this thing out, without it sending me in a tailspin.  It is not an option to quit, and while wearing a hat with a light on the head is an interesting idea, I'm thinking maybe not the safest.

I will figure this out... I will.  But no reason for me to figure it out alone.  So tell me, what would you do?
Should I quit Curves and join a gym?  I'm looking for some advice here, because it is not an option to quit what I've now started - even though some days... I really really want to.

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  1. I totally hear you! Are you 100% opposed to running in the early-dark? If not, reflective gear and a safe running route (maybe requiring you to drive somewhere) are a must.

    Otherwise, I would suggest you quit Curves and join a gym. Your fitness level and running require more than they offer there. And, as a bonus, you'll then be able to work out in the morning OR the evening, because overheating won't be an issue!

  2. My immediate thought was to buy/rent/borrow a treadmill from somewhere, to see you through the darker months. I'm sure you could pick up a reasonably priced treadmill on eBay that would fit the bill.

    Since you'll be getting years of use out of it, it may work out cheaper than joining a gym just so that you can use theirs. You can get up and go running whenever you want, no matter how dark it is. Also, it'll be great for whenever the weather is really bad but you need to get the run done. Just use it when you need to and run outside when the conditions are good.

    Of course, I am assuming that this would be financially viable for you, and that you have somewhere to put it! :)

  3. It would probably be cheaper to just get the hat light and reflectors and go at night or really early before the sun is up. However, I would feel unsafe at night at least. Could you do morning runs on the weekends and other workouts during the week? Of course, you could always just quit Curves and go to the gym. Sounds like you need a treadmill option anyway with inclement weather. Do any of your friends have a treadmill you could go over and use? Just trying to think of options.


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