Vacation to Vancouver 2010

July 18, 2010

We left on June 30th to spend the next 10 days in Vancouver British Columbia.  We landed late the night of the 30th, which was actually the morning of the 1st if we had still been in Central Time.  We stayed at the Fairmont YVR airport, which is literally IN the airport... mere steps from exiting through customs.  BEST.THING.WE.EVER.DID.  Seriously.  With a 2 year old at midnight... there is nothing worse than having to rent a car, install a car seat, and try to find your way to a hotel in the dark.  The Fairmont YVR is also a 2 year old boy's dream come true - you can see not only airplanes taking off every 2 minutes from your window, but also the SkyTrain.  They gave my little boy a coupon for milk and cookies room service.  Now that is catering!  After sleeping, we found ourselves in Canada on July 1st.  July 1st is Canada day which is like the USA's Independence Day Holiday.  We hit the celebration on Granville Island for a couple of hours, and then checked out our hotel in downtown Vancouver, the brand new Fairmont Pacific Rim.  Here is the view we had from our room on Canada Day:

Yes that is exactly what you might think it is... the Olympic Torch from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.  It was relit in honor of Canada Day.  Something you can't see... the GIANT LCD screen replaying the US/Canada Gold Medal game.  Did I mention I'm married to a Canadian and we were with his sister, brother-in-law and nephew?  I couldn't really cheer for the US could I?  The relighting of the torch was a one day deal, and the next day my little guy asks me "Where'd the fire go?" 

We spent the next 3 days exploring downtown Vancouver.  We made it to the Vancouver Aquarium and did some exploring of Stanley Park.  We took the Seabus over to North Vancouver, and we did a little shopping.  You can't beat the view from your window being this as you wake up in the morning.  Why do I live in the midwest again?

Monday morning we rented a car, and left downtown Vancouver for Vancouver island.  "L" loved the ferry ride, but was a little disturbed at first that we actually drove our car on a boat!  I have to say from a Weight Watcher's perspective that the ferry had awesome food.  We were on the noon sailing... just in time for lunch, and I had a Smoked Salmon Spinach Salad with fruit, veggies, hard boiled eggs, and smoked salmon and a 49 calorie non-fat raspberry vinaigrette.  I was thrilled to find such healthy fare.  Good job BC Ferries

We spent the night at the famous Fairmont Empress - which is my humble opinion is a DUMP compared to the Fairmont Pacific Rim!  We ate dinner at a place we had eaten years ago when we visited Victoria - Spinnakers Brewpub, and we caught the running of the goats at the Beacon Hill Children's Farm the next morning. 

Tuesday midday we headed to Duncan BC, about an hour north of Victoria on Vancouver Island to spend a day with some "old" dear friends from college.  Between the 2 of us we had a 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old, and a 5 year old.  Luckily only the 2 years old is ours!  The next day they took us to Transfer Beach.  There was a great little spray park for the kids (and my husband), and we waded in the ocean looking for crabs.  Everyone had a great time!

After the beach we headed about another hour north to Nanaimo - home to the yummiest bar (as in cookie) I know - and boarded the VERY FULL ferry back to Vancouver.  Very cool to see the skyline in the distance from the ferry!
Our last 3 days were spent playing at parks, going to the beach and generally chilling out relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  Look how chill we are:

Oh yeah I also celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary, while away, with my sweet heart. Aren't we cute?

I'll leave you with this "weight loss related thought" - Vacation then vs. vacation now?  Vacation now walks a lot more, eats a lot less, has more fun, fits better in airplane seats, and feels proud to be with her family.  Vacation then... well... just look below, enough said!

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  1. Wow Sarah, Looks like you had a fabulous time. I love it in Vancouver, Stanley Park is awesome and I love the city!!! Great pictures of your son and Sweetie. Nice family!! The before and after pictures are amazing!!! You look great! Hugs!

  2. You are such an inspiration! I am so glad you had such a good time in my part of the world. (We just moved from Vancouver to Victoria in Dec.) I am just starting to get serious about loosing weight and getting into shape. Thanks for leading the way!!!
    Suusa (PE survivor and proud Mom to Oliver who is one and a half.)


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