Thursday Weigh In and Updates

July 29, 2010

So it was weigh in day today.  I wasn't terribly excited about that, since it seems like I just weighed in - and really I did as it was just last Saturday.  So... its been less than a week, and also the week after a BIG loss.  I didn't expect much, and I was right.  Down .2 for a total of 102.6 pounds lost!  Little pieces of pounds count too though, right?  Everything adds up.  Little pieces keep adding up and before you know it you are down 100+ pounds... that's how it happened for me, so I try to not be disappointed about those little pieces of pounds.  I'm 3.8 pounds away from goal now.

You might also notice a couple more things.  I figured out how to turn my blog into 3 columns - very cool... at least I think so, but I'm a bit of a computer geek deep down.  Also I won an award... I was apparently was named one of the 2010 Top 45 Fitness Blogs by Awarding the Web.  I'm shocked!  I didn't know anyone read this blog :-)  OK, I know there are people that do, but you know what I mean.  So... I added my "badge of honor" to my sidebar.  I'm also working on a page with my progress, so  you can see how I lost this weight, and also a slide show of before/after pictures.  My problem there is I'm still a little camera shy and don't have many after pictures yet, but I'm working towards it.  In fact, we are getting new family pictures on Saturday... ones where I don't weigh over 200 pounds... this is a momentous occasion.  Ones where hopefully I don't shriek at the site of myself.  I'll keep you posted.

Also as an update thanks to the people who suggested ideas for my Sunrise Dilemma - I really seriously appreciate any and all comments/suggestions I get.  I think I've decided to join the gym at our community center.  It is about 7 minutes away from home and 5 from work, open 5:45 am to 9 pm, has an indoor track, outdoor running paths, machines, and classes... all for $35 a month... I honestly cannot buy a treadmill for that!  I just have to get there to get squared away with it.  I'm planning on overlapping the month of August with Curves, as I have to give 30 days notice there anyways.  That way I can make double sure that I like it.  I also would like to hire a personal trainer for some sessions... so hopefully I'll make a decision on that soon too.  I'm excited to be starting this "next chapter" of sorts for my fitness.  Hope you're ready for the ride as well! 

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  1. Congrats on your lose!! A loss is a loss!!! :) I love the new look, and a big congratulstions on your award, you TOTALLY deserve it!!!

  2. Congrats on being an award winning blog! I love to read it . . . and when you visit you need to help me load a pic! It never works!! Love you!!!

  3. Hi there! I've given you an award on my blog - come grab it, and don't forget to follow the rules! Thanks for all you do!! :D



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