Altitude and Attitude

September 08, 2010

So I'm just a little absent this past week.  If you must know, I'm playing hooky. 
Hooky from life.
Hooky from Weight Watchers and counting every last point. 
Hooky from work...

I'm not playing hooky from exercise though.  OK, I did take the weekend off - not even a long weekend.  But I was running again on Monday morning already.  But this morning I DID NOT WANT TO GO.  I know, since I've been playing hooky that I have been eating and drinking (unfortunately I'm not talking water here) more than usual.  I knew I had to get out there, for my sanity, because I have a 5k coming up in 2-1/2 weeks, but most of all because I needed to desperately burn some calories. 

Despite all of the reasons I needed to go, I thought of every excuse in the book:
Its cold out... it was in the 30s this morning.
All I have is short sleeve shirts and shorts (see above comment).
I'm playing hooky after all, what's the big deal about skipping a day.
The altitude here is 3 times what I'm used to.

But then the cloudy/cold day became lovely and mildly warm, and there was ZERO percent humidity and even though I wondered what the altitude would do to my head and my lungs I couldn't bear to NOT run when my view was this:

OK... well, you see my point.
So I ran for almost 3 miles, and I had an 11 minute mile average.
Not too bad for a "fat" girl from the Midwest!  Also, do you know running in 0% humidity makes it so you don't sweat... it is crazy!

Oh yeah, and if you are wondering, according to Google:  I should have a less than 3% degradation of my VO2max, so using the altitude excuse was just plain lame.  And if you are wondering what VO2max is... well I have no clue, it just made me sound smart, so google it yourself if you must know! 

Your going to want to stay tuned over the next couple of days... rumour has it my sister is going to guest post on my blog... she even promised to write it while she wasn't drinking wine.  This is very exciting people... very exciting!

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  1. What a gorgeous view!!! I tried running a few times and my knew HURT FOR DAYS after, so that you can do it is just amazing to me!! I did begin a cardio kickboxing class with my daughter in law this week that we both loved to pieces! =)

    Can't wait to "meet" your sister! =)

  2. Sometimes you just need a break! Wow, that is so beautiful, lucky girl!

  3. Way to go on that exercise! Love that picture. *sigh* I wish we had views like that here. :)

  4. I wish MY run route looked like that!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Great job on getting the exercise in. I wish I could run like you do....maybe one day!!!

    Keep it up!!!



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