Where Do I Go from Here?

September 02, 2010

So... you've lost 106.4 pounds, what are you going to do next? 
I'm going to Disneyland.... oh oops... wrong answer, but I wish :-)

But it does beg the question, after losing 106.4 pounds where do I go from here?  Well... this time the answer is fairly easy.  Keep going down.  See, while this might be the goal my doctor and I set for myself, it is not my personal goal.  It is actually still 9 pounds above the weight that Weight Watchers REALLY wants me to be - I have a Dr. note for my current goal.  So... I want to continue to lose weight, and right now I'm thinking I want to lose 15 more pounds. 

So you are probably wondering why I set my Weight Watchers goal 15 pounds above my actual personal goal aren't you?  Is it because I'm cheap and don't want to pay for Weight Watchers anymore?  Nope... although after paying for nearly 2 years, it will be very nice to not have to pay here in about 5 more weeks.  It's basically because well... my clock is ticking.  Yes... THAT clock - the biological one.  I want to have 1 more child, and because of all of my risk factors (HELLP syndrome) my doctor very strongly prefers this all to happen before I'm 35... Let's see that gives me... YIKES, not very much time!  Considering that I struggle with PCOS and fertility issues.. it gives me even less time.  So... that's the reason behind the different goals.  My current Weight Watchers goal is the goal my doctor and I set for me to reached before I could "try again" so to speak.

Now that that cat is out of the bag... onward and downward until Weight Watchers boots me out for being pregnant (Yes CWWL has informed me that it must happen as soon as she knows, and she does read this blog so... mum's the word around here for a long long time).  I'm certainly not looking to lose weight if I get pregnant.  I am just looking to be healthy, and continue my healthy eating habits and enjoy a controlled gain.  I am also at risk for gestational diabetes, so I especially need to watch my carbs and sugars and keep on exercising. 

My first weigh in today after reaching my goal weight, and despite having no access to a gym all week - closed for maintenance - I think I did decent. 

See... I told you to stay tuned, because like I said before... we are just getting started here!

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  1. Errr...I am not sure WW can boot you for being preggers! Why would they? That's money in their pocket as you technically move from being a lifetime member (free!) in maintenance to a lifetime member who is above her ideal range (paying!). Sound fishy to me -- I think WW would want to keep you around during your pregnancy and postpartum.

    As for your goal, I think you do what is right for you! You know your body best.

    It'll be interesting to see if becoming pregnant and pregnancy itself is different for you now that you are 100+ pounds lighter.

  2. Sure they can.. its a liability issue. They can't have you "on a diet" while pregnant, if something/anything happens, they would be liable. Post partum you can return after your 6 wk pp checkup and your doctor clears you. I have recently been told I may be able to continue to go with a dr.'s note... we'll see about that.

    I hope it is easier, but who knows... and I even more so I hope it is different, as my last pregnancy was horrific - due to all the complications.

  3. I can totally see why WW would not want pregnant women to be members. Although the extra membership fees would be nice, lawsuits are notoriously expensive!

    I hope that it will be a much smoother experience for you this time around :)

  4. I gave you an award Sarah! :) Come on by my blog to pick it up. :)


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