September 19, 2010

There are so many bits and pieces to catch you up on... so here's to a rambling post, while I sip a glass of wine!

1)  Weigh in Thursday... up 2.4 pounds from the past 2 weeks.  Best ever I have done on vacation.  Yes I am happy about this gain, because the last time I went to Montana on vacation I GAINED 6 POUNDS!  This puts me 1.2 above my goal weight.  I have 4 more weigh ins to Lifetime.  I will get it off soon!  I also want to say what a great Weight Watchers meeting.  CCWL... you outdo yourself each week.  It was about slow weight loss, and how the .2s and .4s and .6s and .8s add up... and really they do... I am living proof!

2)  4 MILES!  Yep... that's how far I ran yesterday.  I believe it took me between 42 and 43 minutes.  It is the farthest I've ever run.  It was a great run.  I felt so strong!  I felt so empowered and was smiling the whole time!  Don't you just wish you could bottle up those runs and save them to think about when you have a really shitty run?  Do I think I can do a 10k?  Well... haven't quite talked myself into that one yet.  But if I do you'll be the first to know.

3) Speaking of running... my Great Prostate Cancer Challenge run in this Saturday, September 25th! at Lake Nokomis and Minneapolis, MN.  I am so honored to be running in memory of my dad.  It will be a wonderful and emotional day I am sure.  I hope that we can find a cure for prostate cancer - for all cancers, and I am honored to be a part of this event.  I am so blessed to have made my original goal of raising $300, but I am hoping to go above and beyond and get to at least $400 before race time next Saturday.  Even small donations count, so please if you can help check out my race page:  GPCC Race Page.  This is one race I can't wait to recap!!!

5) Mirrors.  Saw myself in one the other day, and honestly did not know myself.  I need a post about this, but it is still so shocking to me.  What happened to me?  Where did I go?  I know everyone says... you are still the same person inside though.  Guess what?  I'm not.  At all.  I am a totally different person!  It's good, but very hard to change your identity at 33. 

6) Guest post... from my sister, as promised coming up this week.  I PROMISE!  There are pictures involved, so stay tuned...

Oh... and I have some exciting news to share this week regarding the Weight Watchers Lose for Good campaign, and my own donation to try and help end hunger!  Sorry to keep you hanging on that one with the teaser, but a girl has to have some content for her posts this week!

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  1. Love the catch-up post! I TOTALLY think you can do a 10K, but what really matters is whether you WANT to do one. Either way, keep us in the loop.


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