Week 29 Pregnancy Update

July 27, 2011

I'll be honest.  This past week dragged by!  First we had ungodly heat, then there was the blood pressure scare of last week's appointment, and the near daily blood pressure checks, bringing me finally to today.

Drum roll please.... 30 WEEKS!  There is a 3 in front of that number, people!  A 3... not a 1 or even a 2. 

I'm happy to report that my blood pressure has been steadily going down since last Thursday.  Readings in the last 2 days have been 119/76 and 114/72.  I have my weekly doctor appointment tomorrow, so we'll see how my blood pressure compares there.

And now, since the heat wave has passed, we've been able to get out walking again in the evenings.  I hope this will have a positive effect on my blood pressure, but it definitely does NOT feel very comfortable to me anymore.  Lots of pressure and pulling sensations in my hips and legs, and the other night I had round ligament pain for about 6 blocks.  I almost thought for a minute I'd have to have my husband walk home, get the car, and come pick me up!

Last night my son woke up wet in the middle of the night.  I changed his sheets, and laid awake for over an hour before I could finally fall back asleep again.  When I finally fell back asleep, it was only a half hour or so before my alarm sounded, but during that half hour, I had a dream.  I had a dream where Dr. P was delivering my baby.  They took the baby away, but brought her back to me.  She was beautiful, she was perfect, and the Dr. told me that the growth on the back of the head/neck was NOT an encephalocele.  They told me there weren't any other tests they needed to run and we could take her home.  It was the best dream I've ever had, but boy was I disappointed when I woke up and found it wasn't real. 

I don't believe much in the significance of dreams - otherwise I would have been captured a hundred times over by bad guys, fell off of numerous cliffs, and had monsters that chased me down every street.  I think I had the dream because I desire this in the depths of my heart, not because of some prediction I see happening.  Regardless, I can't help but hope there is some truth to what I saw.

I cannot leave this post without sharing my sweet "L"s almost 4 year old pictures that we had taken this past weekend.  Despite of the horribleness of this pregnancy, one hug from this boy certainly reminds me every single day that I am blessed.  My pregnancy with him was far from perfect, his birth was scary, and the 27 days he spent in the hospital were painful... but in the end, I think he was definitely worth it!

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  1. Glad your blood pressure has gone down and you're at Week 30!! That picture of L is absolutely adorable!!!!

  2. Glad to hear things are going relatively well. That dream makes me smile, I hope reality comes very close to that. I am looking forward to babysitting my dearest cousin on Saturday, and I won't bring a puppy to scare him this time!


  3. Wow great blood pressure. I wish I had those numbers! You know with the Lord anything is possible and you may realize that dream. That would be amazing!!!

    You son is adorable. Enjoy every minute - they grow up soooo fast!


  4. New to your blog. I remember being at week 30 and feeling the same way! I had a blood pressure scare at week 34 and it made me crazy. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.


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