Obligatory Cute Halloween Pics

November 01, 2011

Of  course with two cuties, I would be in trouble if I didn't post a picture of them from  Halloween.

Despite reassurance from the dragon, the pea is pissed!
And of course there is one with me and my sweet baby pea!

I'm pretty sure she is thinking "Why mother, oh why did you have to do this to me?"  I of course, was dressed as a too chunky after being pregnant lady in orange.  Its a special costume, just for this year.

Now... its the day after, and I'm stuck alone in the house with a baby and a crapload of Halloween candy.  Think my son will notice if I throw it in the trash before I eat it all?

Hope you all had a great Halloween.  I'd love to hear what you or your kids dressed up as. 

And remember, the Halloween candy is made as far back as Valentine's day, so its old and gross when you get it.  If you really need a sweet fix get yourself a couple of good pieces of dark chocolate and sit down and savor them!

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  1. Super cute, Sarah! I don't have kids to dress up, but I did see a bunch of angry birds!

  2. Ditto^^^^ Super super cute costumes!! I LOVE it!!

  3. sarah - so cute! starting my day with a big smile!!!! louise

  4. Stop criticising yourself, even with "soft" words like chunky. I'm sure you think you were just kidding around, but those negative words stick. It just makes you more unhappy with yourself. You are NOT dressed as a "too chunky after being pregnant lady in orange." If you were a stranger looking at that picture, I'll bet the last thing you would say about that woman is a comment on her weight. I'll bet you would notice what I noticed. The proud, beautiful smile on her face. The joy you can almost feel of her holding that baby. If anything, you are dressed as a healthy, loving mom of a beautiful sweet pea in that picture. Find kind words for yourself!. You deserve them!!


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