Eternal Winter

February 21, 2011

Yesterday we got dumped on... dumped with snow that is.
I just saw a weather report and it looks like we got around 15 inches here in my little suburb on Minneapolis.
And to think... last week it was nearly 50 degrees!

This year it seems like spring will never come some days...and winter is eternal.  And I have to say sometimes life just feels like that doesn’t it?  Eternal winter.  Always waiting for spring.  I used to do it, and sometimes still do… tell myself that when spring comes I’ll change my habits, I’ll start living healthier, I’ll start a diet, I’ll exercise. 

Or maybe it isn’t spring you’re waiting for maybe it’s the start of summer because everyone knows dieting in summer is SO much easier because of the wonderful fresh fruits and veggies.

Or maybe summer’s hard for you because well… there are just so many parties with food you know.  BBQ, grad parties, weddings… and we are out and about all the time.  There’s just no time to plan.  So you’re waiting for the kids to go back to school, because then you’ll hunker down and have a lot more time to concentrate on your diet.

Or maybe fall’s bad, because well… those kids that were supposed to just go to school and leave you alone are involved in activities every single night after school, and you guys barely can make it through the drive-thru quick enough to get to all the events.  Then there was Halloween, and you just have to have some candy, because Reese’s peanut butter cups are your favorite.  And of course then came Thanksgiving…. And you may just as well throw in the towel now and just wait until the New Year… because the New Year makes doing this so much easier.  Everything seems new and fresh and everyone has lots of motivation in January…

You can see what’s happening here can’t you?  I was able to cycle through all of the “seasons” and come up with “sample” excuses for each one… all of these which I’ve actually heard in real life from others, or have actually used myself at one time or another.

There is ALWAYS an excuse of why waiting will be easier/better.  There is always an excuse to put off losing weight and getting in better shape.  I played this game for years, until my body finally called my bluff.  I was always in the “I’ll do it next month” mode, because a certain life/seasonal event would have passed.  In that time of making excuses I probably gained 50+ pounds.  Think of how much easier my weight loss journey would have been if I would have just stopped with the excuses and started with some action!

Right now might seem like eternal winter to you…I know I STILL have days after doing this for nearly 2-1/2 years that seem like eternal winter.  But in the midst of that find a way to start making changes in your life today.  Know that even small changes add up.  Don’t wait for spring… because seriously… in Minnesota at least, I’m convinced it may not be coming this year.

I waited decades to start living my life… don’t make the same mistake… start living your life now!  Today!  This hour, this minute.  You are worth it! 

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  1. LOVE it!! That's such a great point about always waiting for the "right time" or the "next thing". I feel like EVERYONE has been in that place before - I have about a million times. Thanks for this great post.

  2. you are quite welcome for the shoutout! i've been enjoying your blog :) here's a link to that page whenever you (or other readers of yours) feel like clicking on it :-p


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