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February 05, 2011

Its Saturday night... and I'm exhausted!  Too many early mornings - 4 am, where I'm woken up by a 3 year old that begs me to "cover him up" because he's kicked off his covers.  Then... I can't go back to sleep.

At my weigh in on Thursday I was up 1 pound... oh well.  Mandatory weigh in for the month = done, and I'm free for the month of February because I am 7 pounds below my goal weight.  Yay for that!

Made it to the gym 4 times this past week - including 40 minutes on the treadmill today.  Wanted to make 5, but skipped yesterday to go out for Mexican for lunch... uh... yeah... guess what I'm real too!

I have a couple of giveaways in the works, but see the first comment about exhausted in getting them together.  I hope to pull them together in the next week or so.  You won't believe the free stuff people want to send you sometimes when you have a blog.  OK, maybe you will... but I was thinking I would actually get cool stuff... ha!  OK, sometimes I have gotten cool stuff, but this past week I was sent Green Giant veggies in a giant box with dry ice.  They probably didn't need the ice considering the weather... I like veggies... so I guess this is a good thing to get free veggies in the mail.

I made balsamic chicken with brown butter ravioli, and a warm spinach salad for dinner.  Major comfort food... majorly yummy.  I should have taken pictures to post, but I ate it instead.  Oops.  I promise to share the recipe soon, if you promise not to chastise me for not having pictures.

The Superbowl is tomorrow... do you find this a hard eating day... like Thanksgiving, or does it not matter to you?  How do you cope with it?  Me... we are are making mini-mushroom Swiss sliders out of lean beef, and having baked fries.  I did make lemon bars because I really wanted some, but they are only 4 PointsPlus each... I can handle that.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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  1. Hey there,

    I just wanted to pop on in to say hello. I read through some of your posts and you sound so much like me. I actually found your blog because I was looking at HELLP info online. I too had pre-e and HELLP; my daughter and I barely made it out alive.

    I just wanted to say kudos to you for such a huge lifestyle change - I am so glad that you take the time to post so that others can keep up with your story. You are inspiring.


    p i e b o n @ y a h o o . c o m

  2. Hey I laughed a little I like your umor :) What are mini-mushroom Swiss sliders out of lean beef and lemon bars? Do you have a recipe for us? I also blog about weight loss maybe you would like to take a look?


    You exercise a lot and that while havinga family! I'm ashamed that I havea hard time gettin to the gym twice a week while im just a student and entrepreneur... I guess I didn't reaize howlazy I really am till now. Let me get out there and do what I gotta do!

    Every eating-event is (was) a challenge to me as you have to pratice huge restraint in order to not overeat.So... Next time im at a b-day i'm gonna think of you


  3. seriously? you get free stuff in the mail?? where can i sign up!?! how long did you have your blog until you started getting offers for stuff like that? could i ask anymore questions?!?! :)


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