Brotherly Love

February 04, 2012

My friend Deanna (who by the way a huge thanks goes to for helping me promote Turner Syndrome Awareness month) always posts hilarious pictures of her 2 little ones.  Her baby boy, Carter, was born around the same time as Lily and she had an almost 2 year old, "Chubbs" who just happens to sport an extra chromosome.  Chubbs had a cystic hygroma prenatally, just like Ms. Lily did.  That's how Deanna and I were "introduced".  Anyways, together those two equal hilarity.

Whenever I see her pictures I think... oh my children would NEVER act that way.  They are much too sweet, kind, well-behaved, docile

Chubbs and Carter, this is for you

Be prepared... I am about to...

 Use my magic to extract all your thoughts out of your head... and replace them with a...

... bright pink hat!  And I quote:  "I didn't knock her over... I was just playing with her, because she likes to be knocked over"

I'm so glad Ms. Lily has her big brother to "help" her as she grows up.

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  1. Little Miss Lily is looking so big these days!!!

  2. hahahaha LOVE! You have the cutest kids.

    and thanks for the shout out. (-:


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