Lily's Story

February 02, 2012

Its day 2 of Turner Syndrome Awareness month, and I'm beyond excited to share that I've received nearly 2000 views of the Turner Syndrome awareness posts from the past 2 days in just the past 24 hours!  That doesn't count the 500 email and feed subscribers that have also received the posts!  Just think of the people, we've been able to educate.  I am humbled and grateful to other bloggers that have helped me spread the word!  THANK  YOU!

For today, I wanted to bring your attention to this little girl

You remember her, right?

I've added a tab at the top of my page - Lily's Story.  This chronicles in order - from pregnancy announcement (before I even knew of Lily's condition) to Lily's birth story - my pregnancy.  It contains links to all of my weekly pregnancy update posts, and other posts that were significant for me along last years journey.  While that journey has ended - and another type of journey, raising Lily, has begun, I wanted to make sure that anyone visiting here had easy access to it, that it might offer them some peace and hope, or maybe just show them that maybe they are feeling angry and that's OK.  Read it and marvel in the miracle of a Turner Syndrome girl that was part of the 1% that made it. 

To anyone reading this with Turner Syndrome, I hope you realize what an amazing and wonderful miracle you are too! 

I hope when you read Lily's story you will know that God - the God of wonders - is definitely an amazing, loving, and all knowing God.

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  1. Thank you for putting that all together! What an amazing advocate you are. (and I don't know if I've said it lately, but Lily is GORGEOUS! You must be one proud mama!)I am looking forward to your month of posts.


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