Obsession with Smashburger - Officially Over

March 12, 2012

No Menu Monday today... sorry!  We are just surviving over here.  Its all we can do right now.  There is nothing exciting on our menu anyways.

Where to even begin... Last week "L" was home for all but Friday from daycare with a high, high fever. 

Thursday my weigh in revealed a loss of .2 (just that's a point in front) of a pound.

Then on Friday, Lily had her 6 month endocrinologist appointment.  I had been hoping and praying all week that she would finally be at 11 pounds.  Nope... she was only 2 oz bigger than a week prior - 10 lbs 12 oz.  I'm going to tear my hair out over this child not growing.

The doctor is definitely concerned about her lack of growth, even for a Turner Syndrome girl.  She was also concerned with her reaction to rice cereal, and so we've been referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist, to see if we can figure out how to make my girl gain weight.  This is so ironic to me in so many ways!

After the doctor on Friday, we decided to stop by Smashburger for dinner.  I had points to spare and ordered the grilled chicken.  I barely made it in the door of my house and I knew I was going to be sick - throw up sick.  I spent the next 24 hours laid flat by the stomach flu. 

Just mere hours after the plague laid me flat, it took out my husband.  Now think about it.  2 kids, under 5, alone with 2 parents that can't even get out of bed with the stomach flu.  Not a good scene!  I put the 4 year old in charge... uh yeah, not even kidding.  I was half way through feeding Lily a bottle, and I had him take over.  He did a good job.

We survived to see the much too early light of day (given the time change) on Sunday morning.  I was able to clean myself up and head out for supplies.  As the day went on things did get better and better.  Today I just feel run down, and still iffy about whether food is my friend or not.

Hopefully we can make it through a week without anyone in this house being sick - which would be a first in over a month.  Crossing my fingers and toes!

Needless to say, I think my obsession with Smashburger is officially over!

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  1. Oh wow -- congrats on surviving what sounds like an awful stomach flu episode!

    And here's to hoping your little girl will start packing on the ounces soon!!


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