The Promise

March 13, 2012

About a month ago, after complaining to my husband for only the second time the millionth time that I had not been losing weight very quickly, he mentioned that I wasn't exercising.  I of course told him he was right cried and screamed and asked him who he thought I was, super mom?

It wasn't long after that conversation that I promised myself - and sort of declared it to him at the same time - that when daylight saving time came around that I would use the extra daylight in the early evening to run again. 

Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention mid last week that daylight saving time starts that Sunday.  "Seriously that can't be right,"  I actually muttered aloud to myself with a grumpy face.  I somehow had convinced myself when I made the promise to that daylight saving time was actually much farther in the future than it actually was.  And so, last week I started psyching myself up for it.  I started anticipating the pain I knew I would feel the first week, and I started researching races.

I, of course, didn't count on getting knocked down with the stomach flu this past weekend.  It made me want to wimp out, but I'm not going to, even if means I have to start even slower than the plan.  Even if means tomorrow my 1 minutes of running are walking.

So...I come to you today declaring my intention for lacing my running shoes back up for the first time in almost exactly a year.  I can do this.  I will do this. 

I want to feel free again, I want some time just for me, and I want the stress relief that figuratively and literally running away from my house at the start of a run gives.  I have some pretty hefty things going on right now, and the stress of dealing with Lily's day to day doctor appointments and issues is sort of swallowing me up right now.  This is my way to fight back, to combat that, and at the same time make myself healthier and get myself back into my skinner pre pregnancy clothes once again.

I'll be following the same plan I did before to be able to run a 5k in 6 weeks.  And then, I'm planning to run the Charities Challenge Challenge Obesity 5k on April 21st!  So... will you join me in this plan?  Follow this plan and get back to running or start for the first time.  I promise that you'll NEVER regret running, but you will always regret NOT running.  And if you're local... will you run with me on April 21st? 

Maybe I am certifiably insane. Then I guess so be it, but I need to prove something... to myself, and to the universe.  And I need to stand by the promise I made to myself.  I love my children and I am completely blessed, but I need to get myself back.  Every step that I will run will be not only for myself, but will also be for them because I want to be the healthiest, fittest mom around.  The mom that can take on anything.

Yes... I do this for me, but I do this for them.  Because, well frankly, they're worth it and so am I.

Tomorrow... Day 1!

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  1. I love that 5k plan. It's very similar to what I'm doing now.
    And if I lived closer I would totally join you for the 5k.

    I'm cheering you on from here!

  2. I didn't run for a year after having a baby. I had run a couple 5K (not super long distances) And it was much easier than I thought it was going to be. Your body will remember and it won't be as tough as getting in shape the first time. Good luck! I'm cheering for you!


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