October 11, 2010

You know the saying "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels?"  Since I've been losing weight I've seen it everywhere.  I actually kind of hate it.  I mean, I have lost over 107 pounds, and I still don't feel thin.  I don't know if I'll ever actually feel thin, but I sure as heck know how a really, really good piece of cheesecake tastes.  I certainly understand the intent of the saying though, and after today I think I've finally begun to appreciate it, but I'll replace it with my own version:

"Nothing tastes as good as having OBESITY permanently erased from your medical record feels."

NOTHING!  Seriously... NOTHING! 

Today I had my yearly checkup.  I am down 40 pounds from my last checkup, and 110 pounds from my checkup 2 years ago... the one that put my plans to lose weight into motion.  And today... while reviewing my medical record, my doctor said to me, "I think we can go ahead and get rid of this now."  And with a couple of keystrokes I watched as he erased the diagnosis of Obesity from my medical record.  It was a silent, yet powerful moment had between a doctor and a patient in a cold exam room, on a random Monday in October.  There were no trumpets that sounded or magical confetti that flew down from the ceiling as he pressed backspace and hit save.  There were no high fives exchanged.  But regardless, it was one of the top highlights of the last 2 years of my life!  He erased it, and just like that it was gone, then he said "You have done well." and we moved on.  Simple, yet incredibly profound.

We moved on to the blood pressure part of the exam.  I have never had a problem outside of pregnancy with my blood pressure.  But when I heard my current blood pressure, I would not believe it belonged to a now formerly obese, once severely preeclamptic, prediabetic like me.  98/62.  Let me repeat that 98/62.  I have never once in my life seen my blood pressure with the top number below 100. 

I have never been so tangibly reminded that I am no longer obese, that I am a regular exerciser, that I am a runner!  I am not who I once was.  The health problems that plagued me in the past are nearly erased.  This is a new game now.  I game that I feel lost in because I don't know any of the new rules. 

Obesity Erasure.  And with that there is one remaining item on my medical history that I can't wait to see erased... PCOS

Obesity, you lose and I win.  PCOS, you better watch your back, just ask Obesity.  Bring it... I'm ready!  GAME ON!

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  1. This gave me chills. How wonderful!! What a special moment and something to be SO proud of. Congratulations!

  2. Sarah, wow - this is so amazing to read! Congratulations, I am SO excited for you that your weight loss is paying off in SO many ways!

  3. What a fantastic visit to the doc! I will keep my fingers crossed for your son's MRI. Good luck!

  4. Hello there! Just found your blog today and this post is amazing! I cannot wait to have my doctor delete my diagnosis of obesity. I have a very animated doctor, so I wouldn't be surprized if he threw a handful of confeti in my face. haha!

    <3 Katie


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