Random Thoughts on a Thursday

October 21, 2010

I weighed in today. Up .2 of a pound. Whatever... I am completely indifferent towards it. I want to lose 12 more pounds, but during this past week that hasn't been my focus. I did what I should be doing... but I know that I had too many BLTs (Bites Licks and Tastes) that I was not honest with myself about. It is a new week and I'm moving on. I'd like to definitely make it into the 160s in the next few weeks, and then as the holidays approach I've been thinking that my goal will be to maintain... but more to come on that as the time approaches.

Thank you for everyone that commented on my last post. The support I felt was instantaneous... and appreciated. I was feeling low last night. I'm sure I will be at that point again, but I will try to move on more quickly next time.
There was this man at the gym this morning. He was relatively thin, healthy-looking, and seemed injury-free. He got on the treadmill and walked at like 1.5 mph for maybe 10ish minutes. My initial thought was "Wow buddy way to go on the hard work" (as I sweated out 3 miles at 5.6 mph on the treadmill. And then I thought wow... you are being really mean, judgemental, and stupid. I mean, I don't know his story, just like he doesn't know mine.

I wore a fabulous black wrap dress today with kick ass boots! It was from Target. Its this one. I need to get a picture, but my husband has been working too late this week, and my 3 year old is not great at taking pictures... yet.  I think I want to buy the one in blue too.

Chicken Baseballs... the next time I make them I promise pictures (as requested by a couple of people). I always mean to take pictures of things, and then I forget, and it is eaten. Oops!

And with that... I'm out!

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