5k Running Plan

December 19, 2010

After my post about Building a Habit, I had a whole bunch of emails asking me for the running plan I followed.

So... without further ado, here is the 5k running plan I followed earlier this year.  I can't take any credit for this as it is a plan that Weight Watchers published this spring on their website.  What I can take credit for is going from not even being able to run 1 second to be able to run a 5k in 32 minutes and 15 seconds 6 weeks later by following this plan!  I can't say enough good about this plan.  That said, a fair warning IT IS HARD!  Plan to be challenge and dedicate yourself to this.  This is a much harder and more accelerated plan than the popular C25K plan that a lot of people follow.  Just think how quickly you'll be ready to run a 5k!  Good luck!

I've added a link to this information under my Race Information tab/page too.

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  1. I so admire your stamina, Sarah. I have finally accepted the fact that I'll never be able to call myself a runner but I'm becoming more comfortable with that realization. I sure would love to know what that 'runner's high' is all about though!

  2. Awesome. I've been wanting to ask you exactly how you did it. :) I don't like the idea of running because it seems so hard on the knees... But I want to challenge myself SOMEHOW like this.


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