We Need a Little Christmas (Cookies)

December 21, 2010

Today is the day you wish you were my friend in real life...
Because I have been doing nothing but baking these in the past 3 weekends...
 Oh yeah... I just did... you bet, I just did.  I showed you a cookie.  GASP!
A showed you a cookie on a weight loss blog.
Can you believe it?  I have cookies in my house.
Just a few...
That really isn't many at all, is it?  Everyone has this many cookies lying around, right?

Do I eat some of them... you bet your life I do.  YUM YUM and YUM - that sums up the 3 I ate yesterday.
But most of them are for my friends.  See... I have quite a reputation to live up to.  I've been doing this now for years.  People start asking me about it in September.  People are scared they are not on "the list." 
Just look at the bounty I've packaged up to give the joy (and the calories) away...

 So... you wonder how I live all December with these in my house?  And how I've lost 116 pounds and still eaten cookies?
Everything... and I mean everything in MODERATION! 
You absolutely CANNOT deprive yourself.  You'll go crazy doing so.  Why else were the Weight Watchers weekly points created?  

When I started this journey, I decided I would do this forever, so I'd have to do something that fit with my lifestyle.  My life style is a love of wine, cheese, baking, and real cream in my coffee.  And that's how I've lost 116 pounds... eating cookies, drinking wine, and putting real cream in my coffee

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  1. Sarah, it's perfectly clear to me that you would make an awesome friend :) I went speechless after seeing all of those cookies on the counter. Holy Moly!
    You have got your holidays under CONTROL! Good for you!

  2. OH my goodness girl - that is a ton of work!! I bet you are exhausted!!! I too love to bake!! Sometimes I feel a little guilty spreading the sugar goodness around, but I just can't help myself :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

    Keep focused!

  3. Yummy cookies. I am also doing this for life, but I am avoiding the sweets this holiday. I'm going to have some of my other favorites, but I'm afraid of sugar at the moment. I'll save those indulgences for maintenance!

  4. Looks delicious! And I am totally on board with your philosophy -- everything in moderation. I will not deprive myself of cookies in 2011 or in 2020 so why would I now? I just make sure I only sample the ones I really like and don't eat a whole dozen. It's just not realistic to think I'll never eat another Christmas cookie.

    Thanks for being real!

  5. LoriV - Yes... it is easier now that I am closer to maintenance... technically at goal, but trying to get down about 10 ish more pounds. I have chosen this December to maintain. But the 2 years before I was choosing to actively use. Sometimes we choose to indulge in cookies, sometimes in in an awesome steak, etc, etc... whatever it is when you chose to indulge make sure it is something you absolutely LOVE, and you won't regret it.

    While I'm not always 100% in control, I do know that allowing myself a cookie or a piece of fudge here or there does work MUCH better than denying myself all season, and then going bonkers and shoving my face full of it on Christmas day.

    Merry Christmas Happy Holiday to all of you!


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