My Labels

March 04, 2011

Tara at Life Changing Journey asked the other day - What are your labels?

This post really struck me... and so I wanted to share with you, MY labels:

Morbidly Obese BMI   Normal BMI

Over 200  Under 200

Coach Potato  Runner

Lethargic  Energetic

Embarassed  Self-Confident

Size 24  Size 8/10

Infertile Ovulating

Broken Whole

Disappointed  Filled with hope

Drive-thrus Dinner at home

Watching TV  Playing Outside with my son

The Fat Mom Hot Mama!

Invisible Role Model

2x Medium

Mindlessly Stuffing Face Tracking Food

Socially Awkward Facing my Fears

Doomed to Diabetes Normal Blood Sugar

85 Resting Heart Rate  64 Resting Heart Rate

Defined by Weight  Defined by Actions and Words
Dismissed   Respected

Frusterated  Liberated

Now tell me... what are YOUR labels?

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!!

    Hot Mama is my favorite! !

  2. Oh this is good. I will have to think about it! Funny the things we think about ourselves!! I know I need to rethink some things for sure!

    You are doing awesome! Keep focused!

  3. This is a wonderful inspirational post...right when I needed it the most! Thanks!

  4. Yay for ovulating!

    And for relabeling yourself!

  5. What a uniquely inspiring post, Sarah. Liberated is my favorite!

  6. What a great motivational POSITIVE list you've made out of negatives, it's awesome and it's got me thinking about doing one for myself. This is the first time I've been to your blog and I think what you are trying to do for yourself wih your weightloss goals is awesome! I'm on my own weight loss journey and so far its going well, I am eating well, cut out all sugar from my diet, mini trampolining every day and drinking loads of water. It's good to know other's who have similar goals, it makes me feel less alone on my journey!


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