Snack Time!

March 01, 2011

Its snack time… you’re hungry and you want a good nutritional bang for your PointsPlus values. You barely have any left for the day either, so it has to be low on the PointsPlus scale

What do you eat?
For 0 PointsPlus:
Of course the easy answer here is fruit! EAT UP!
Also I like Cucumbers and/or baby carrots with salsa

For 1 PointsPlus:
Celery (as much as you want) with 1 laughing cow wedge = 1
Apple w/ a 1 Tbsp of fat-free caramel sauce – I also like to bake this and then drizzle the caramel and a couple of Tbsp of Fat-free Redi-whip (still 1 pt)
Cut up Red Pepper and ½ an ounce of Sharp White Cheddar Cheese

For 2 PointsPlus:
Veggies (as much as you want) I like cucumbers with 2 Tbsp Hummus
Celery with 1 Tbsp Reduced-Fat Jif Peanut Butter
½ cup reduced fat cottage cheese with cut up fruit of your choice
Hard Boiled Egg

Its snack time, you want a decadent treat, without all the PointsPlus values
What do you eat?
It seems like these treats (on the new PointsPlus plan) will cost you a few more PointsPlus values
For 3 PointsPlus:
VitaTop – and you have to heat it up just a little

For 4 PointsPlus:
McDonald's Cone – 4 PointsPlus – This is one of my all-time favorite treats!
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich

Its snack time… you want food and lots of it… NOW!
What do you eat for a big quantity?
For 0 PointsPlus:
Fruit Smoothie made with water/fruit – I use frozen fruit + water + Splenda packet

For 2 PointsPlus:
Fruit Smoothie made with yogurt – same as above except omit the Splenda/water and add a 2 point container of vanilla yogurt

For 3 PointsPlus
Light String Cheese + 17 pieces of Turkey Pepperoni
Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks – 48 sticks!!!

For 4 PointsPlus
Chocolate Banana Smoothie – This fills me up BIG TIME!

I hope this gave you a lot of good ideas for when snack time hits! 
If you have any ideas to add I’d love to know, please comment and tell me, what’s your favorite snack??

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  1. I am not counting point, but this is a great list! My go to snack is normally fruit, a Luna bar, or Larabar.

  2. What a great post. I don't use WW, but it is always good to have healthy snack ideas :)

  3. Wow, great snack ideas!! :)


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