March 10, 2011

This morning a friend of mine posted the following on Facebook:
"scars remind us where we've been-they don't have to dictate where we're going." 
I was able to figure out through the genius use of Google that it is actually from an episode of Criminal Minds (The Slave of Duty to be exact).

I have to say reading that quote was exactly what I needed this morning.  What an awesome reminder!  I've said on here many times before how I often feel like my past failures will predict future results... and I'm always reminding myself that that is NOT true!  In the quote lies another reminder.

I look at myself in the mirror... and I outwardly see the scars my body has from over a decade of being overweight morbidly obese.  When I started this journey, I had in my mind the flat stomachs of a young 20 something as what I'd look like in the end.  Now, being at the "end" of that journey, I know that is FAR from the truth.  My stomach is still covered in rolls... rolls of loose skin and of course yeah there's some fat in there too.  My arms jiggle possibly even more than they did 115 pounds ago... and my legs have hanging skin as well.  The arms and the legs, I can ignore... the stomach part, much harder.  There are often days I can't stand the site of myself.  I can't believe that this was the body I got as a reward for losing 115 pounds.  I won't lie... I'm disappointed!

But once my CWWL (Crazy Weight Watchers Leader in case you are new here), told me that those are my scars... they are the everyday proof to me that I did this... that I won this battle.  They won't let me forget, and I should wear them as badges of honor!  And as usual, despite my groaning, she is right.

Those scars - in my case my extra skin from being 100+ pounds overweight for way too long - certainly are an everyday reminder of where I've been.  A powerful reminder of the transformation that's taken place in my life in the last couple of years.  But as the quote states... they are not any indication of where I'm going!  I just love that we have the power within ourselves to transform ourselves, and change our destinies!  My life today is completely changed from 3 years ago.  For the first time in a long time I feel an overwhelming sense of hope!  I am exactly where I want to be - body, mind, and soul.  I feel my future is brighter than its ever been.   I can't wait for Spring, and I can't wait to share some more with you about what's in my future!

Friends... today... at least for 1 day wear your scars as badges of honor... wherever you've been in the past; and remember, that they are not an indicator on where you are going for the future!

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  1. What an awesome reminder of where we've been! Thanks for this post!!

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I enjoyed this post. I will try to enjoy my scars... I dunno tho. ha ha. I have some major loose skin to get rid of. But I'll take loose skin over it being filled with fat anyday. Rock on!

  4. Awesome, awesome post!!

  5. How timely this post was! I was just looking in the mirror last night at the flabby skin on my belly and thinking what a bummer it was to not have those nice sculpted abs I see all over the fitness magazines, etc. It is a great reminder of what we all have accomplished - thanks Sarah!

  6. Thank you for this post. I have recently come to realize that after all my hard work is over I will forever be stuck with my extra skin. No surgeon will ever touch me with my other health issues. It gets depressing when I think about it and makes me want to just quit sometimes. Reading your words makes me think about the fact that perhaps my skin is and will be a badge of honor, a testament to what I have done and how far I have come.
    Thank you Sarah for the perspective. You rock!

  7. What a great post! " Remember, that they are not an indicator on where you are going for the future!" We are all different and all special and no one has the same scars, there is a reason for that. Thanks Sara!


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