Week 13 Pregnancy Update

April 05, 2011

Today I’m 14 weeks pregnant. After the I broke the good news about feeling less nauseous last week, I went downhill Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and was feeling extreme nausea again. I am thankful for my Zofran prescription, but I just wish that it would start to subside. While I appreciate the “comforting” comments from well meaning friends/relatives/and blog readers, I do not feel a lot of hope on the nausea front, as the comments, “hang in there, it should get better soon” don’t really resonate with me. With “L” I was nauseous nearly my entire pregnancy – which ended in his early delivery at 35 weeks. So as far as hope… I’m going to be the negative Nelly and just say I don’t really have any. I guess what I will say is I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised this time around.

So yes… still nauseous, which continues to lead to almost constant snacking and lots of carb eating. A couple of people have asked me if I’m still tracking Weight Watchers points. And the answer...NOPE! Mostly because I really don’t want to know the PointsPlus value of an entire bag of sour patch kids. And no… I’m not joking. The nausea is also leading to the further delay of me getting back into a regular exercise routine. At least now my gym has finally given up completely and stopped sending the “please come back” emails. I think the day I can finally go back I might actually be embarrassed to show my face around there.

Belly? Pretty much non-existent still. I still am in denial that I will actually look pregnant this go around. I never did last time, I just looked fatter than the already upper 200ish pounds I already was at that point. It seems unusual that my belly would actually be able to hide much longer given that I’m 115+ pounds lighter now, and there has to be room to hide. Still, if you have never before seen the stomach of a person that has lost 115 pounds, you won’t at all be able to understand that there is a lot flab/skin/junk hanging around the abdomen area that I’m not sure pregnant belly will ever be able to show through. I hope I’m wrong, but until proven otherwise, that is what I think. For that reason, you likely will NOT be seeing me post the typical belly pics… sorry to disappoint. I will say that it is official as of this week – non of my pre pregnancy pants fit and the mediums I was wearing in most shirts are too small – so either I’ve gained WAY too much weight from all of the sour patch kid eating, OR the pregnancy body changes are real and happening to me.

“L”s Room? Well... we are making progress.  It’s painted! YAY! We chose a Behr color called French Court. It is a lovely medium blue. You can see the color, here, just ignore the big covered mess in the middle... that is actually his new bed!

I really love how it turned out. We simply need a mattress and a dresser, and some time to arrange things, and he’ll be officially ready to move in there. He is still excited about it all.

I have a doctor appointment this Friday, and I’m very excited to hear this baby’s heartbeat again. I find these early months difficult waiting in between appointments to hear the heartbeat – before the first movements of the baby are felt. At this appointment, I’ll get to schedule my BIG ultrasound for the next! YAY! We’ll finally find out whether you guys will be sending me all new girls clothes, or if I will be making a trip down the basement to haul out “L’s” hand me downs. Do I have a preference? Nope… honestly not. I can think of many reasons I would love to have a girl, and just as many reasons I want a boy, so its win/win I guess.

I couldn’t leave without showing you what I bought in a moment of weakness at the outlet mall this past Saturday. Cute and gender neutral, right? And giraffes are my favorite animal!

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Part of the reason I started on this journey was to be a healthy mommy!

  2. Sorry to hear you are so sick :( The things we do for our kids! With my first pregnancy she LOVED white chocolate mochas. Those always made the sickies go away. Congratulations again on this new adventure!

  3. The picture are SO CUTE!! :) I can't wait for your little person to arrive!

  4. So ah . . . you're famous now. Just saw the Star tribune article! You're awesome!

  5. I somehow missed all of your posts about your pregnancy! Congrats! That is so exciting! I am so happy for you!! :)


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