Week 15 Pregnancy Update

April 20, 2011

I just completed week 15 of my pregnancy!  Kind of a boring week to be honest.  And in my book boring = good.  No doctors appointments, no major milestones, no new symptoms to report... not really much at all.

The good news... Monday, I appeared to turn the corner on the nausea front.  The last few days have been good.  Not great, but good, and I will definitely take that.  Now I'm just crossing my fingers it lasts!  If it would just warm up - instead of snow - yes seriously, it is snowing RIGHT NOW - I would love to be able to get outside for some exercise. 

Speaking of exercise... at this point, I haven't run since the second week of February, which is when I started with the nausea.  Because of that, I will definitely be walking for the rest of this pregnancy versus running.  While I know running is perfectly safe while pregnant, I feel this is the best decision for me (and the baby).  Part of that decision is the knowledge that after nearly 2 months of ZERO activity, I don't think I'd be in any shape to continue a running program.  The other part is even when I was running I was having a lot of trouble keeping my heart rate under 140 bpm, which is what my doctor told me that I needed to do if I wanted to run during this pregnancy.  You know what... walking is good exercise, and definitely not for wimps!

My middle section is definitely starting to look thicker.  I don't think I look pregnant, just thicker - fatter!  I definitely wish I had that cute little definitive baby bump, instead of just a thick waist, but I don't.

As for "L"s room - the room is finished!  I finally moved the final pieces of furniture in, cleared the closet, and put together his dresser.  You like?

The walls are still really blank.  I want desperately to get these letters spelling out his name for his wall.  Aren't they adorable?  I also want to get some red curtains for the window... then I think it will be perfect.

Leaving you with a pic of me... since I haven't posted any in recent memory... you can kind of tell something is happening with my waistline, even if it is just from eating more carbs, right?

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  1. you look beautiful, positively glowing.

  2. The bedroom looks awesome!! And don't worry ... you'll have a cute little baby bump soon!! :)


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