Week 16 Pregnancy Update

April 27, 2011

I really haven't felt I had much to say since Friday.  I do want to thank those that commented on my last post for their kind comments.  I am still trying to work through my fears about this pregnancy, and while I feel moments of peace, I still have many more moments of fear than peace at this point.

That and we were busy having some Easter fun:

Our gaggle of eggs

Have bucket will travel!
Here I am today at 17 weeks.  I just completed my 16th week of pregnancy.  I'm only 2 weeks away from the BIG ultrasound where we hope to find out the gender of this little one.  I am excited and very nervous at the same time.

A couple of days ago something in my hip misaligned.  Basically I feel like my hip is out of socket.  I had this starting around 10 weeks with "L" so I am glad that I at least made it further this time.  My chiropractor told me that my body produced too much relaxin hormone too quickly, loosening up my hip ligaments and joints more than it should have.  Whatever it is, it isn't much fun, and it kind of makes me walk funny now.

Nausea... check still about 50%+ of the time.  Better than worse, better than worse, and repeat.  I did find out this week that it is possible to dry heave AND sneeze at the same time!  Speaking of sneezing, I have been doing a ton of it, and my nose runs constantly.  Guessing this is just another side effect of the condition of pregnancy that seems to hate my body for some reason.

I feel like I am complaining... a lot.  I'm sorry.  I know we are so incredibly blessed, and we are so excited, and happy.  I seriously forgot though, how tough pregnancy seems to be on my body.  I think it confirms for me that this will be my last biological child.

Ending on a positive thought - I'm fairly certain that I've been feeling little baby movements for the past week or so.  You'd think being a second-timer I'd know for sure, but they are so light and so quick that I start to doubt whether it was a muscle twitching or my stomach grumbling.  It actually feels very much like a muscle twitching.  Over the weekend, I was almost certain though that I felt several more deliberate movements!  It does finally make this all feel a bit more real.

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  1. Reading through your blog your post on fear took me back to my own pregnancies. I was only able to have one and he rolled in weighing 1 pound and 1 oz. (I had freakin preclampsia at 23 weeks and laid near death until I had him at 26 weeks) and thankful to say today he is 10-yrs-old. But I remember those intense feelings while being pregnant and I understand. Most women may not, they breeze through all three trimesters and pop 'em out with no problems. But just wanted you to know someone out here in blogsphere knows what you are feeling and is praying for you and the babe. As my mom used to tell me during all of and still to this day, "all will be well..." Peace for You

  2. Thanks for your honesty about your pregnancy - It's comforting to know it's not all roses and sunshine and rainbows - but it's worth it. When we eventually decide to start a family, I will know firsthand. For now, I am happy to celebrate with YOU!! :) Hooray! Do you think it's a boy or a girl???

  3. I love the baby flutter feeling!! Words cannot describe how amazing that is!! Enjoy every minutes!!!

    Cute pictures!! Your little one is growing like a weed and sooo cute!!

    Have a great day!!


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