May Goals

May 02, 2011

Happy May!  Isn't it great to think that we made it through April... and now are on to May?  In Minnesota, it should have meant sunny skies and playing outside, but instead May 1st brought snow pellets on my windshield and a temperature that never made it above 40 degrees.  Today isn't any better, as I once again had snow pellets on my windshield and feel like I need gloves when I go outside.  We have company arriving from beautiful British Columbia this afternoon, and I'm sure they are going to be frozen by the end of the week!

Many of the blogs I read do monthly goals at the beginning of each month.  I've never done it, but always thought it was a great idea.  So I thought I'd have my hand at it this month.  My goals are going to be, for obvious reasons, less weight loss related, but still related to health, and also actually to other life goals.

Walk, walk, walk... no more excuses:  Right now I am not doing ANY exercise - hanging my head in shame and sorry to admit that fact.  I have let the nasty weather we've had this spring (cold and wet) along with my constant nausea be an excuse for me.  And while both of those are honestly legit, I need to stop the madness.  I feel so sloth-like, so lethargic.  So, my goal for May is going for a walk 3-4 times a week .  It sounds almost like a lazy goal, but I know it is what is most realistic for me right now.  Even if I feel tired or nauseous, I think a little fresh air would be good.  I don't have to be an Olympic walker, whatever I can do is more than what I'm doing already, right?

Eat less junk - Again, am I really the role model you signed up to follow?  OK, don't answer that question, because I still want you around.  But seriously, I have been putting so much junk into my body.  This morning it was kettle corn, and over the weekend brownies.  I am not eating very healthy, and while a lot of that again has to do with nausea and food aversions I'm having, I still have some control, over what I eat.  I may not be able to stomach fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and will probably still need simple carbs, but a Sara Lee whole grain bagel with light cream cheese, is an obviously better choice than a giant store-bought muffin or scone... even I knew that Day 1 of Weight Watchers.  Or some plain air popped popcorn is better than kettle corn, or some whole grain crackers with laughing cow cheese, is better than dill pickle chips topped with beef jerky (true... just don't even ask).  While I might not be downing veggie strips with hummus or a bowl of steamed broccoli anytime soon, I know I can certainly still make much better choices.

Eat out less Same old excuses, I'm too tired or too sick to make dinner, so we end up out.  To the tune of $125+ over our normal monthly budget for this expense last month!  Not sure how to combat this, other than having really quick things on hand that I can make regardless of how I feel.  More grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, and pancakes look to be in our immediate future I guess.

Finish my new blog design Yes... the cat's out of the bag.  I have actually been working on a brand spanking new blog design since early February - yep... I'm not very speedy.  My last main thing is creating a new header for my blog.  I found a photo I'm definitely using, and just have to figure out how to integrate it into the header with the words I want.  Sounds easy... but sure as heck hasn't been.  I'm really excited about the new streamlined design, and can't wait to share it with you!

So those are MY May goals.   Now stay tuned to see how I do.
What about you?  What are YOUR goals for May?

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  1. Sarah, love your blog.....discovered it from the Strib article earlier in April.

    Is there a way to stop the spinning pictures on the left? They make me crazy!

    Thanks for your honest posts.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I'm so glad to hear that you have a happy story to share as well. It's such a scarey thing. Congrats on your HUGE weightloss! That's truly incredible!


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