Week 17 Pregnancy Update

May 04, 2011

Week 17 is in the books!   WOO HOO!  I am certainly not one of those women that LOVES being pregnant, and while I wish for a full 39 weeks more than anything, I will be happy when this little one is done "cooking" at the end of that time.  Meanwhile, I am really trying to "enjoy" this as much as humanly possibly because it is likely my last pregnancy. 

Since my update was kind of negative last week, I'm going to try something new.  What am I loving about being pregnant this time:

  • Even though I've been nauseous, I've been much less sick (read that vomiting) than with "L".  I lost 30 pounds during my last pregnancy due to being so sick.  I have gained about 12-13 pounds so far this pregnancy.
  • Feeling the baby move.  Yes, there is no mistake about it, this little one is definitely moving all around.  It helps to calm my nerves a little each time I feel him/her.
  • Feeling 50/50 at this point, which is much better than 0/100!
  • Noticing actually just today that my belly actually looked pregnant rather than "deflated formerly fat person"
  • Round Ligament Pain... not kidding - I actually am happy when I feel it because I know it means this little one is growing.  With "L" He had severe IUGR , so the number one thing I'm dreading is if this baby doesn't grow correctly.
  • Brownies!
  • Having a strong premonition I'm having a GIRL!  One week from tomorrow we find out!
  • Trusting, Hoping, Praying, and having faith that this time will be different.
  • Picking out names!  Hubby got to name "L", so I get to name this little one exclusively.
  • And certainly last but not least...Knowing that I'm over 115 pounds less than I was when pregnant last time.  Knowing that my heart and lungs are healthy, that my body is healthier, that my blood sugar is lower, and that MY BODY CAN DO THIS!  Knowing that it was my own hard work and dedication that actually made having this pregnancy possible.  This is everything I hoped for... everything I worked for, for 2 years.  This is making my dream into a reality.  When I started my weight loss journey 2-1/2 years ago, I did it for 2 reasons... to be a better mom to "L" and to give him a sibling.  From the positive pregnancy test - that required no additional help getting this time - to 17 weeks later... watching that dream come true is surreal and spine-tingling... the stuff of made for TV movies.
Onward and forward to week 18!

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  1. I'd like to suggest a girl name...because I will NEVER get to use it but love it (since our last name rhymes with it). Julia

    Cuz it's a girl...I will it for you. =)

  2. I had problems with IUGR too, my son should have weighed more but because of this he was that whooping 1 lb 1 oz I told you about, and an entire 12 inches long! You are in so much better shape this time around so try and enjoy as much of the pregnancy as you can. I won't even say, "don't worry" because even though that is impossible it is probable all things will turn out great. Keep the faith and have peace each day knowing the little body and lungs are growing, growing, growing.

  3. Are you going to share the gender of your baby? I'm so happy that this pregnancy is going well (sickness and all). As much as I didn't enjoy being pregnant, I miss it...weird!

  4. So happy for you!! Just enjoy every minute!! It really goes by fast!!

    Take care!!!


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