Airplane Seats

January 06, 2011

As you're reading this, I'll be 30,000 feet up in the air snuggled into my cozy, little airplane seat, on my way to Portland, sans hubby and child, to attend my niece's wedding. 

What I WON'T be doing...
- Feeling the sides of my legs ache from smashing against the seat
- Trying to inconspicuously raise the armrest to allow for me to spill over into the next seat, and praying no one notices.
- Praying for no one to be in the middle seat.
- Hunching my back and crossing my arms in front of me, basically folding myself into a little ball for the duration of the 3 hour flight.
- Not drinking or eating anything, or doing anything that needs the tray table, because it won't fold down anyways.
- Barely making it down the aisle, contorting my body sideways to fit.
- Asking for a seat belt extender.
- Wearing the stretchiest clothes I can find.

What I WILL be doing...
- Fitting my cute little butt and hips very nicely into the seat with a little room to spare, thank you very much.
- Keeping the armrest down.
- Using the tray table to eat my healthy lunch, drink water, and watch my Harry Potter movie on my iTouch.
- Crossing my legs if I want to, because well heck.. I can.
- Fitting nicely down the aisle with my bright blue carry on.
- Putting on the seat belt and having lots of extra once I pull it tight
- Wearing super cute skinny jeans with boots, looking chic, and smiling.

So, If you see a blond, curly-haired girl in skinny jeans, tan suede boots, a purple sweater, and white scarf smiling because her butt fits in the seat on a flight tomorrow, wave because its me!

See you Monday!

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  1. What a great before/after post. Congrats on having yourself a comfortable flight. :) (And congrats to your niece!)

  2. Yay! I hope you have an awesome trip and enjoy every second of that flight.

  3. Sarah, you are exuding such rays of sunshine, I think I can see them from here :) Have fun, fun, fun at this wedding - see you next week!

  4. SOOOOO cooool!!! Hope you have an amazing time!! Woo Hoo!!!!


  5. Right on! Ironically, this is one of my goals! Last week, I flew on a dual engine plane for about an hour and a half, a med flight to ND with my brother. I sat in the co-pilot seat and could barely get it buckled. The next day, flying back to MSP, on a commercial flight, I buckled ok but was thrilled that I had the row of seats to myself (actually that thrill may never change). Anyway, those were kind of last straw moments for me. I've been consistently tracking my Points Plus ever since!

  6. You ROCK!!!! Enjoy every minute my friend!!!


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