New Year, New Shoes

January 04, 2011

On New Years Day, after an obligatory run at the gym, I decided to try and find some new black dress shoes.  I really needed some, and besides, I'm going to my niece's wedding this weekend, so the excuse was certainly there.  I already found a fabulous dress - which you will absolutely see AFTER the wedding, so of course I needed some great shoes to go with. 

So I found these... cute, practical, comfortable heels in black.  Safe.  

But I then spied these ones... higher heel than I'm used to, cute abstract bow, and the most unique greenish gray-brown metallic color you've ever seen. 

Totally not a "me" shoe, but I felt an instant attraction to them.  It was a buy one get one half off sale, so I intended to pick two paris anyways.  I tried to pick a pair of brown flats... practical, boring, and safe.  But I seriously returned back to these shoes from the front of the store no less than 5 times.  I finally said "what the hell" and went ahead and bought them.  I wore them today and I LOVE THEM! 

You know... the whole shoe sage got me thinking a lot about weight loss.  The black represents the shoes I would wear 116 pounds ago, safe, practical and a thicker heel that would stand up under my weight.  The metallic shoes... they represent what I CAN choose to wear now - more fun, grabs your attention, a thinner, taller heel.  See 116 pounds ago, I could NOT have worn those shoes... even an hour in heels had my feet and knees a mess... and swelling in my legs.  No wonder I just couldn't bring myself to buy them five times in a row!  Today I wore them all day, and you know what?
No swollen feet
No hurting knees
No being barely able to walk
Just lots of compliments
Just goes to show that sometimes we don't even understand at the time the limitations that being overweight puts on us.  The multitude of restrictions that you don't even think about - like not being able to wear heels, until you throw off that weight and strut yourself around in your new shoes!

So tell me...
If you've lost weight, what are you "new shoes" - what can you do now that you couldn't before?
If you are just starting out... what do you want to become your "new shoes"

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  1. How cute!! I love those. I haven't worn my many many pairs of adorable heals because of my heaviness. Soon though!

  2. That is so cool. I haven't worn heels myself ever... and I am a shorty (5'3"). I tried on a pair of cool sexy boots in the store once and walked up to the hubs and I was more face to face with him which he LOVED. So I am looking to buy my first pair of heels. But I need those thick heels because I am not used to them and fall over all the time.

    I am so excited that you didn't have swollen feet and all that. It makes me excited for when I buy heels too. You know, it's never ending all the fun surprises we have after loosing a ton of weight. Life just can't get better! Thanks for sharing Sarah! :)


  3. Love both of them! My sisters joke with me that I am always looking for new dress shoes -- but that's because I am! I am never totally happy with my dress shoes so I always have my eye out.


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