4 Things Not To Say To Pregnant Me

September 06, 2011

#1 - Wow, you look so small, I didn't even think you were due that soon, you are so lucky!
My answer:  Yes, my baby is super small and not growing... should mean lots of extra hospital time for us... yes lucky me!

#2 - Everything is OK now, right?
My answer:  Um... no, unless you count an entire printed out sheet of possible problems as OK.

#3 - And your information is still the same?  (said to me at my doctor's office at my Friday appointment, when I just had a Thursday appointment)
My answer:  Nope... we decided life wasn't exciting enough already, so we moved yesterday evening!

#4 - I bet you're excited.
My answer:  Oh yes, I can't think of anything better than getting cut open, and getting a much too tiny baby taken from me, just to be put in the NICU on lots of tubes and machines.  But, I guess if you are talking about being able to finally regain control over my own bladder again, and wear more than 2 pairs of pants again, then yes... I'm excited!

Most of these are said by people that have no clue my situation, so I don't blame them, but some days you can't help but feel a bit jaded when you are walking this path. 

Another doctor appointment today - Friday's appointment was happily uneventful - and hopefully 10 more days from today we will have a baby!

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  1. If there is one thing your blog has taught me, it's to try to think a little before I speak!

  2. Yup . . . people say lots of stupid things about all kinds of medical conditions--can so totally relate. Some days you just want smack 'em.

  3. People are dumb. :)

    Hoping for 10 days!

  4. Have you toured the NICU yet? My son had a 7 week NICU stay, but the hospital let me do a walk through about a week before he was born. The situation was still incredibly stressful, but having seen where my baby wad going ahead of time did help a bit. Praying for you and your little one.

  5. I'm so sorry that you have to also put up with people's thoughtless remarks. :( I wish that you lived nearby to me ... my sister is a NICU nurse and I would arrange for a personal tour sure to make you feel more secure about baby girls's temporary home. But then, L was in the NICU, wasn't he?

    Totally not an ideal situation (does that qualify as exaggeration of the year?) but NICU nurses are the best! Loving, compassionate and well trained.

    Continuing to pray for you and your family for the best possible outcome.

  6. I have toured the NICU already and yes L was in there for 27 days and the nurses were definitely amazing... Just was so hoping this time would be different and we'd skip that drama... That dream is long over with now though

  7. I came by via a friend. I have done my tour of duty in the NICU, so prayers are coming your way.

    I just have to say, your comment about moving literally made me laugh out loud.

    Your daughter is perfect and your humor will keep you sane during these tough days.


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