Conquering the BIG 2-0

June 01, 2010

I DID IT!  I really did it.  I ran for 20 minutes straight without stopping, and then walked for 1 minute, and did the whole thing over again.  Total distance = 4 miles!  Yep that is right people, 4 miles!!! CRAZY!!!  I did it in basically 46 minutes, and that included 6 minutes that were walking.  I do not need to be scared - not anymore.  I didn't sleep well last night... I think maybe it was the anticipation of the run this morning, so now I am completely wiped out tonight, but it doesn't matter.  I win! 

I have some other things to talk about and a great recipe to post, but those will need to wait until later as I have a darling little boy to get to bed, and Glee to watch!

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  1. Im visiting bc I se eyou started following my blog and I just have to say... YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!
    Way to go! Keep up the great work, you are going to inspire so many!


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