Whys and Why Nots

June 13, 2010

So I read this post at Dare To Become today:  What is your “Why”?
And I really loved it so here is my response:

I used to be that person that started and was gung ho and then the "why nots" would creep in - life would creep in, and I'd be off the wagon as quickly as I started.  I did it for years, until I worked myself up to an embarrassingly high number on the scale.  Around the same time I hit that embarrassingly high number, I also took a pregnancy test... it was positive. One hellish pregnancy, a preemie who spent 27 days in the hospital, and a 1st birthday for said baby later I found myself still horribly fat. But my "why" suddenly became glaringly clear - I had a little life that now depended on me.  My "why" is my son (who is now almost 3).  He inspires EVERYTHING I do, especially my weight loss/health journey!  Now down over 96 pounds, I ran my first 5k this weekend, and he told me after the race. "Mommy I proud to you." There is no why not in the world that can beat this "why":

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  1. So true! And congrats on your 5K. That's a beautiful 'why' you've got there.

  2. Love it Sarah! I too posted my own "why(s)" on the site today. Your "why" is beautiful.


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