My New Normal

June 24, 2010

First things first... let's get the Thursday weigh in out of the way.
Weighed in today for a .2 loss (yes there is a small point in front of that 2).  You know what?  Totally OK with this even though the exact same behaviors/points as last week netted me a 3.8 loss.  I cannot figure out this body.  It is letting go of weight in spurts, and there is nothing I can do to even that out apparently, so I'll just stick with what I'm doing, knowing that it got me to 100.2 total pounds gone!  Still loving that number, so much so that the measly loss doesn't matter this week.  You know what?  I am also loving the person I see in the mirror more and more each day.  Even though I'm not losing, I'm slimming down still... I am seeing it, and that is something!

But that's not really what this post is about.  A few things that were talked about in my meeting today got me thinking about my NEW normal.  The things I just out of habit do now as if they are nothing, that are totally different from the things I used to do 100.2 pound ago.

Let's review:
OLD:  Would treat every meal out as a special event and completely pig out.
NEW:  Would treat every meal out except anniversary and birthday dinners as just a replacement for a meal at home, same rules about counting points and portions sizes matter.

OLD:  Would think nothing of getting a Frappacino at Starbucks with whipped cream the size of Mt. Everest and all the full fat and full sugar everything.
NEW:  Sugar free, Non-fat Light Caramel Frappacino with no whipped cream PLEASE!

OLD:  Breakfast = Bagel slathered with cream cheese, donuts, muffins, scones, McDonald's Sausage Biscuits with egg and cheese (not all in one day of course... at least not most days).
NEW:  Breakfast = Oatmeal w/vanilla yogurt, Greek yogurt with mixed berries and flax granola, or 1 pt Thomas Bagel Thin w/1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter and a 1/2 banana

OLD:  Making every excuse in the book why I can't exercise today.  Making it maybe once a week if lucky
NEW:  Making every excuse in the book in order to arrange my schedule to exercise.  Running 3 Days a week and working out at Curves 3 days a week

OLD:  Barely could walk a block
NEW:  Ran a 5k in 32 freaking minutes and loved it!

OLD:  Size 24 Jeans
NEW:  Size 10 Jeans

OLD:  Could only maybe shop at 1 or 2 stores in the mall
NEW:  OMG there are so many stores in the mall EEK!

OLD:  Sat on the couch and watched TV
NEW:  Plays outside, sits on the floor cross legged and plays trains with my son, goes for family walks, gardens

OLD:  Plans a vacation to sit on the beach (OK, I'd still do this to be brutally honest)
NEW:  Plans a vacation and plans to rent bikes and even (gasp) run while on vacation

OLD:  Loathed airplanes, freaked about sitting in the middle, felt claustrophobic the entire ride.
NEW:  OMG there is space on both sides of my thighs.  Bring on the middle seat!

OLD:  The fat mom
NEW:  The hot mom :-)  As told to me by someone at my son's daycare today "You are lookin' hot"  Don't worry honey, it wasn't a man :-)

This is my new normal.  Some days I can't even believe that this is my world.  The world where I shop at stores and clerks help me, look me in the face.  The days where I choose to stop eating food on my plate, because I'm full... It still shocks me every single day.  I smiled through 2.75 miles/30 minutes of running this morning - absolutely full on grinning.  I looked ridiculous I am sure, but I wanted to shout: 


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  1. Sarah, this is a GREAT post! My post yesterday was also title "the New Normal" and it's amazing how things change. Congratulations on the work you've done to reach the place where you LOVE YOUR LIFE! THAT is worth anything and everything. :)

  2. SO AWESOME SARAH!!! It's amazing how differnt life is, when there is focus and a goal. Congrats on your weight loss ~ every bit helps and makes a difference!! You are inspiring!! Hugs!!!

  3. Great post! I have many of the Old behaviors in my recent past as well! The one I am looking forward to seeing change the most is the airplane seat -- I am headed to Washington at the end of September and am excited to sit in that airplane seat without spilling over onto the person next to me.

  4. I've only just started dieting and trying to be healthy. Love your post about old and new behaviour as so much rang true. I'm still really struggling with the mentality of not over indulging just because I'm at a restaurant. Its great to hear that its possible to get past it. Thanks

    Ciára (

  5. It is always inspiring to hear about the successes of others. When I lack motivation, hearing that it can be done helps to keeps me focussed. Well done.

  6. I love this post! It really helps to point out the old and new behaviors - thanks! Fantastic job at the weight loss!


  7. Ahh! This is awesome! Losing weight really is fun even when it means sugar free, skim milk, no whipped cream starbucks! It's a lot of adjustment, but it's freaking awesome!


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