Doing It for my Dad

August 22, 2010

I have officially registered for my second 5k! 

This time there is a cause involved that's near and dear to my heart.  You may remember how on Father's Day I talked about My Dad.  He was a very special man in my life.  I was blessed to spend 23 years with him before he passed away due to complications of prostate cancer.  He tried all of the treatments, but it had just spread too far by the time they caught it.  My dad was always a healthy guy.  He wasn't overweight, he had a very active job, and I don't ever remember him being sick, so his diagnosis was a bit shocking to us.  He fought a brave and hard battle, but in January of 2001 God took him home to be with him, and we were left here wondering why.  When my dad died, I weighed at least 100 pounds more than I do now.  He has never gotten to see me thin, He never got to see my house, or meet my son.  I miss him. 

On September 25th, I'll be running in the Twin Cities Great Prostate Cancer Challenge in honor and memory of my dad.  I will run with a body that is now able and willing.  I will run so that more awareness can be brought to the public around prostate cancer, and the large number of men it affects.  I do believe my dad will be with me in spirit on that day.  I believe he'll see me and be beaming with pride.  After all that he did for me in my life... it is the least I can do.

A portion of funds raised through the event will benefit ZERO - The Project to End Prostate Cancer- and its national efforts to eradicate prostate cancer through awareness, outreach, advocacy and research. Locally, funds will support the Metro Urology Foundation dedicated to improving the lives of those living with urologic conditions through communities of support and free educational opportunities.

According to ZERO:
  • Prostate cancer is diagnosed every two minutes and fifteen seconds, and more than 217,730 new cases are expected in 2010. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in America among men.
  • Prostate cancer takes about one life every 18 minutes.
  • One in six American men is at lifetime risk of prostate cancer.
  • Prostate cancer represents 33 percent of all new cancer cases in American men. That's more new cases than any other cancer.
Will you please consider supporting me in this race?

You can support in 3 different ways:
1 - A financial donation of any size is greatly appreciated.
2 - Come out and cheer me on on September 25th OR run with ME!
3 - Write your Congress person in supportive of prostate cancer research and funding

Please see my race page for more information and to donate:
Fat Little Legs GPCC Race Page

Thank you!

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  1. Sarah, we posted a link to your blog on our Facebook page so people can read your story!

    Also, shoot me a quick email - - I have a couple questions for you! Thanks Sarah, and we're looking forward to seeing you at the Twin Cities GPCC!

    Press Secretary, ZERO - The Project to End Prostate Cancer

  2. That post just about made me cry. Wow. I am so happy I found your blog, and I wish I had some $ to support your run... I am trying to come up with the fees to do a triathlon in Sep.. but I will help by praying for you and by letting people know about this post!! That is so awesome how you are able to run for something you believe in curing.
    Thank you so much for emailing me back. I really appreciate it! :) How far is the run?
    Good luck and God bless you and I hope you visit my blog sometime.
    Blessings, Adrienne


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