Reflections on Being Stuck

August 06, 2010

It's official... I'm stuck!  Last week down .2 and this week up .6.  My average weight loss according the Weight Watchers online chart thingy for the past 4 weeks is .... drum roll please ... .2 of a lb loss!  WOW... most excellent (Sorry, Wayne's World moment there).  I guess until I saw that I didn't really realize that I'm a little stuck.  Actually the most stuck I've been on this whole journey if the Weight Watchers math is right.  Yes, I've been on plan. 
Yes, I've been exercising 6 days a week. 
No, that doesn't mean I've been perfect. 
It does mean that doing those same things other weeks has netted in weight lost though... but not the past couple of weeks I guess.

So how do I feel about that?

Yep... that pretty much sums it up.

But here's the thing.  I'm not whining.  I'm not.  Ask my WW leader.  I said to her yesterday.  "I give up."  She gave me a bit a a sideways look like "you are not giving up, and if you do I am going to personally take you out."... yeah that sort of look.  Because that is who she is... she cares, but I digress.  I said, "no no, not that kind of giving up.  I give up trying to understand how this works... how sometimes I lose weight and sometimes I don't, with the same points used, same exercise done, blah blah and blah."  And you know what?  That is a huge move forward in attitude for me.  HUGE!!!  I accept this without needing to understand, and I will just keep on keeping on.  I will journal my food, I will do my exercise, I will go to my Weight Watchers meeting until I die.  No whining, no eating something because I feel bad about myself, just acceptance.

I have come to the point of 102 pounds lost over the last 22 months, there is really not other options.  It is not really an option for me to quit and gain it all back at this point, is it?  So what if I sit 4.4 pounds away from goal for 2 months... who cares?  Well.. I guess I REALLY DO care.  I can't pretend I don't, but dang, I've lost 102 pounds!  No, let me try that again?


And I'm proud of that, no matter how much longer it takes me to lose the last 4.4.

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  1. Sarah, this is a BIG milestone/realization! You're in this for the rest of your life - not just to LOSE the weight, but to KEEP IT OFF and BE HEALTHY forever. So yeah, it sucks to be stuck 4.4 pounds from goal, but it's a hell of a lot better than gaining, or being stuck 40 pounds from goal, or whatever.

    Time will pass one way or the other. You get to choose what you do and how you feel/think/LIVE during that time. You know you'll eventually get to goal, and whether it takes you 2 weeks or 2 months...well, really, at the end of your life, will it matter?, SAVOR the taste of being SO CLOSE and KNOWING that you will get there!

  2. Good girl!! Keep fighting!!! Sounds like you are just on a real plateau. So many of us thing that, but then when we really evaluate, we realize we are not following plan. I was going to ask you that, but then you answered it! :) So I would suggest maybe changing things up a little to shake things up. Like try some different foods, try some different exercise, etc. Maybe that will help? But ultimately, I totally agree with Seattle Runner Girl. You had an amazing realization and you are soooo close. Hang in there!!!

  3. Wow you are doing so well. That is such a huge realization. I like that leader of yours, though. :) A nice kick in the butt is what we need sometimes. Sometimes it could be the activity we are doing why we aren't losing the same. Our body's muscles have memory. If you do something too often it gets used to it and you don't burn as many calories as you used to doing the same exercise you were. So, change it up. Do eliptical one day, a DVD the next, run the next, do strength training...etc. Trick your body. :) You are sooooooo close!


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