August 26, 2010

Today was a day I have dreamed about for years... even before I started my weight loss journey.  AI played over and over in my head how it would happen, what it would feel like, what I would do. 

And when it finally did... ALL I COULD WAS SHAKE!!!

Today I busted through the finish line.  Today I weighed in 3.2 pounds down from last week, and hit my GOAL weight!  Please give me a moment to scream....


OK, that's better.  I weighed and I was .4 away, so my WWers leader had me take off a camisole I had on... still .2 away, and she commands, "Take off your bra!".  So here I am weighing in and someone is blocking the cube, and I'm wiggling out of my bra.  Then there it is on the scale... the weight I've been shooting for since the beginning... and all I can do is stand there and shake!

106.4 pounds....
22 months...
pounds gained, pounds lost...
Bad weeks...
Great weeks...
Weeks where I didn't think I could keep going...
Moments of learning...
Moments of brilliance...
Weights lifting...
Miles run...
Tears shed...
Sweat sweated....
Binges averted... and sometimes not...
Battles fought... and sometimes won...
106.4 pounds and I'm here, and it is beyond surreal. 

I was just a fat girl... your average next door girl, just a little fatter.   I just wanted my life back!  I wanted to watch my son grow up.  I wanted (still do) a sibling for him.  I wanted to be able to walk up stairs and not huff.  Sit in airplane seats and non spill out.  I want to not be embarrassed for myself.  I just wanted more.  I wanted to feel what it felt like to wear a size with a single number (I bought size 8 pants on Saturday).  I was any of you... eating whatever I wanted, while struggling within knowing that number on the scale was going up up up, but ignoring it as much as I could.  Starting and stopping diet after diet. 

I wish so much I could tell you what clicked with me that day 22 months ago I decided to change my life.  Oh course I've talked about my aha moment before, but this wasn't even that day - just an ordinary day.  The difference this time is that I put one foot in front of the other EVERY SINGLE day for the past 22 months, and I made this happen.  

It is so so so incredibly sweet.  I wish I could box this moment up, and be able to take it out to remember when I need extra encouragement.  I wish I could bottle it up and give it away to people who need it - like I once did.  I wish that all of you can one day have your own moment like this.

I can't believe this journey is OVER... and yet I know it has only just begun.  Stay tuned... because this story only gets better from here.

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  1. Wow, I'm speechless!! Oh wait... no I'm not... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You are such an inspiration and I am THRILLED for you!!! You have worked so hard to get to this moment and I am proud of you. You give me hope that some day I can have a post called goal!!!!

  2. Congrats! I am starring this post in my google reader so that I can go back and read it on my more challenging weeks when I go back to WW (probably sometime in November/December...depending on when the Little Dude decides to arrive).

    All I can say is YOU ROCK!

  3. Congratulations! :)

    To think that so many of us give up too soon and never achieve our goals. Yet here you are, after battling every day for 22 months. It's amazing and you must be so happy. I have a feeling you're walking around with huge grin right now.

    Well done, you deserve it :)


    youve worked hard to get here.


  5. OK, OK, I take it back--the nick name. You are officially not Fat Little Legs Any MORE. We will call you...I don't know what we will call you. Your sister and I will have to figure that out while you are here. CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your goal.

  6. I'm with Susan . . . how about "Skinny Little Sister?" So proud of you Sarah. I brag on you all the time!

  7. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off! I hope to be in the same place a year or so from now. It is so great to have you as inspiration. Yay!!

  8. So, so, SO excited for you - congratulations!!

  9. Your post just made me cry. A huge congratulations to you and your enormous efforts to lose all this weight.


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