I'm Grateful

November 05, 2010

I'm so glad that this stressful week has almost come to an end. The promise of the weekend and of a new week are about the only thing that has me going right now. Since it seems like so much has gone wrong this week, I’d like to take a minute to focus on what has gone right – what I am grateful for.

I'm grateful for...

  • Halloween! I love the innocence and excitement of children. Having my son look at me and say, “This is the bestest Halloween day EVER!” could not have made me smile more. And what a cute bumblebee he was.
  • for awesome friends to watch football with every week, and to trick or treat with on Sunday.
  • a house to come home to every day, a bed to sleep in and that I can afford to heat my house during these chilly mornings.
  • losing another pound at Weight Watchers yesterday – bringing my total to 109.8 pounds lost!
  • my job, it challenges me daily.
  • a blood pressure of 98/62, a fasting glucose level of 89, a normal thyroid function test, and a normal vitamin D level. Healthy as a horse… I guess.
  • some gorgeous, sunny late fall, days, and for my husband spending one of those days to clean out the gutters and prep the yard for winter.
  • good cheese and cheap wine from Trader Joes.
  • silly 3 year old laughs that fill my house with joy!
  • a hot, steaming mug of cocoa.
  • Godiva chocolate caramels!
  • the body that I've been given, and a second chance to care for it like it deserves.
What are you grateful for on this Friday?

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  1. I am grateful that I have a boss who is very forgiving when I have to leave work early because of a migraine; and I'm espeically grateful that it is finally going away.

  2. I was so grateful when I went to bed last night that I did not have to set the alarm. I have no obligations today (besides to myself to get on the treadmill). It felt wonderful to slip under the covers knowing I could sleep for as long as my body wanted to...7:15. Urgh!

    I am so grateful also that I get to take my nephew to a birthday party tomorrow. My sister and her husband can't make it, but they are letting me take their little guy to show him off.


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