How Sarah Got Her Groove Back

November 10, 2010

I wanted to write about something "easy" tonight.  Maybe a fun recipe, or the exciting announcement I have regarding next week here at Fat Little Legs, but instead I've decided to postpone those things for some harder material, something I don't want to talk about - the struggles of the week past 2 months.

First, I'm just going to come out and state it.  I am NOT happy with my progress since I hit goal over 2 months ago.  As of last week I was only down 3.5 pounds since then.  As of this week it appears to be even grimmer, but we'll save those stats for the official weigh in tomorrow.  I can't figure out what is wrong with me.  I am guessing it is one of these things:

a)  I hit goal and I'm "cheating" a little - not measuring as well, sneaking BLTs, feeling I deserve it, etc.
b)  My body is on a true plateau.
c)  My focus has not been on weight loss and has been shifted to other things
d)  I have been stressed.
e)  All of the above.

I'm going to pick e - All of the above.  Now, you might be thinking... wow here she goes with the excuses, but I assure you, I am NOT here to make excuses.  I am here to confess, figure out the reasons I've been struggling, and hopefully formulate some strategies to move onward and downward.  All of these things I feel have been true.  None of them are A LOT true, they are all just a little true.  Enough so that my weight loss has been stagnate.  Enough so that I feel out of my groove.  I need to get my groove back.

How will Sarah get her groove back? 
Well... let's start with this:  What am I already doing right? 
For starters, I have been downright awesome with the exercise.  I have consistently exercised 5 days a week, since I've hit goal.  Exercise... check!  Next, I have been drinking awesome amounts of water.  Water... check!

What do I need to work on? 
Step AWAY from the scale - I've admitted in the past my scale abuse.  This week a sudden huge gain on the scale threw me off my game.  I did what I know NOT to do, and I kind of threw in the towel on a few things.  So... starting tomorrow for 1 week - until next Thursday's weigh in, NO weighing myself.  I'll make my husband hide the scale if I have to.  We need a scale intervention here.  The number on the scale does NOT and will NOT define me.  I am worthy no matter what is happening with my weight. 

Measure and Count - Rinse and Repeat - I admit, I have been sloppy with the measuring.  I have been especially bad with butter.  Yes, I eat real butter, and I love it.  None of that fake I Can't Believe Its Not butter spray in this house!  It's other things too.. a handful of cashews, a lick of a knife that was used to make a peanut butter sandwich, the list could go on.  I need to stop it.  I know how to measure, I know how to be in control.  I need to get myself back to that place.

Eat more Fruits/Veggies - As my daily points target has decreased, my ability to fill myself with the things I always have is much more limited.  I have to be smarter about how I allocate my daily points.  Filling my meals with more fruits and veggies will really help curb hunger, and keep my points count lower.  They are also so incredibly good for you.  I want to fuel my body with wholesome, healthy foods. 

Find Food Alternatives - I have been eating more out of emotions these last few weeks.  My husband has been working late hours, and we try to wait for him to eat dinner, but sometimes I get restless and bored in the hours between getting home from work and eating dinner.  These have been my weakest moments.  I certainly don't blame his later hours, but it is interesting that the weeks with my lowest weight loss success in 2 years have parallelled the change in his hours.  The good news, he is done with working so late starting next Monday!  The even better news... I know better, and I can fix this.  I need to get dinner going, and step away from the kitchen.  I need to find alternative things to do that don't involve food.  I do have a 3 year old, this should not be hard... rousing game of Chutes and Ladders, anyone?

Now, will you join me?  Has your weight loss been stagnant, or less than desirable?  No matter what food program or diet you are following, tell me, what are you doing right?  What do you need to work on?  How will you challenge yourself to be healthier in the coming week?

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  1. Hi Sarah, I emailed the information to you today. Let me know if you did not get it.



  2. Hello Sarah!

    I absolutely am joining you! As a matter of fact, you can read all about it in my last post:

    I've been stagnant for a long period of time!

    Oh, and about the scale, I did have my husband hide it. Sick? I don't know. But it was necessary. To be honest, I even know where he hid it. He's not great at that game. But I still don't use it because I know I'm not supposed to. I'm such a rule follower in some aspect of my life... Not I just need to get it to pertain to where it counts.



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