Thankful for the Reminder

November 22, 2010

In the spirit of celebrating Thanksgiving and focusing more on the positives and less on the negatives, I am posting one thing I am thankful for each day this week.

Today I am thankful for my good health, and the reminder of when it wasn't so good.  There honestly aren't too many days where I can look at this guy and not think about:
-- The traumatic circumstances around his birth, about how I so poorly treated my body thinking it would always give and never give up, about the 27 days "L" spent in the hospital when he was born. I always thought that "it won't happen to me", that I would be the "healthy" fat person. I was wrong! My number was finally up. I spent so many years lying to myself-telling myself that being fat was OK.

So today I thank the Lord that my son was born in the way he was (it has taken me a long time to get to the place where I can speak/write that sentence). It was the catalyst for changing my life and ultimately dropping 111.2 pounds. I tried more times before than you can count, and NOTHING clicked until THAT day. I thank the Lord for good health today, less sick days, strong arms, legs, and back, strong lungs, a healthy weight.  I am thankful for this:

and I am thankful for the pictures that serve as a reminder of less than good health and how far, by grace, I've been able to come.

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  1. I am so thankful for you and your friendship. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That is a fantastic post! God is so good. Congratulations and I think I was wrong on my last comment. You are probably past your goal!

  3. Lisa - I am so incredibly thankful for you too!

    Adrienne - Thanks. God is good. I am so happy I am able to now look back on painful circumstances and understand how everything works together for good. I have hit my WWers goal, but... I am still working on my personal goal 10.2 pounds to go.


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