Happy Black Friday!

November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday! 

The holiday shopping season is suddenly upon us.  It's a month until Christmas - panicking, yet?  Would you be jealous if I told you that I'm probably about 75% done with my shopping already?  I am trying to take a simplistic approach this holiday season and not stress out about these things - for my mental as well as physical health.  Less stress means less stress eating, and that means success during this season that seems to be all about eating!  I love to shop online, and the majority of my Christmas purchases have been from online retailers. You can find everything from electronics and toys to sling backpacks and fitness equipment.  You can even buy a live Christmas tree online now! 

If you haven't already, make sure to check out CSN stores this holiday shopping season.  I have personally ordered items in the recent past from them, and have been happy with their customer service and fast shipping!  You can even get a gift sent directly to the recipient, or if you are stumped just get them a gift certificate so they can choose their own gift.  This is a lifesaver for me with so many loved ones living far away.  They have 200+ different stores so you are sure to find something for everyone on your list.

Another thing I'd recommend for your holiday shopping is Ebates.  I've been using Ebates since earlier this fall, and have already earned about $15 in cash back for shopping at some of my favorite online retailers.  Just make sure to go to their website first, and click on your favorite store from there.  For Black Friday I've seen cash back offers as high as 14%!  Getting paid to shop... now that's my style for sure.

Happy Shopping!  And remember today is just a regular day... don't let the holiDAY turn into a holiLONGWEEKEND!

Disclosure:  CSN Stores offered me a gift card to include a link to their site in this post, and since I'm in desperate need of a new toaster I took up their offer, but please know that the opinions and recommendations I've expressed in this post are real and uniquely mine.

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  1. Almost done? Geez, I'm just barely started. Got the grand babies done. That in itself is a lot of stuff. Geez I forgot how easy it is to buy for kids. I had a blast!!!

    Hope you are doing well!!!

    Keep focused!


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