The Good the Bad and the Ugly

August 26, 2011

First, the good…
I am 3 weeks away from meeting our daughter.

My blood pressure yesterday was unbelievable! Now, note that I was laying down on my left side when they took it, but it was 95/65. No I did not type that wrong. I promptly informed them that their blood pressure machine wasn’t working, and we all had a good laugh.

The topic of yesterday’s doctor’s appointment was the State Fair. Boy… we must really be getting boring for our doctor.  Boring=good.

Our pediatric neurosurgeon will not be in town the scheduled day of my delivery, or the weekend following, but he feels that there will be no immediate need for surgery, and at the soonest it would be the next week if needed (yes I’m most definitely counting this under the good category).

Baby turned head down. You are probably wondering why this is good, given I’m having a C-section. I count it good, because she is doing something she is supposed to do (for once) SCORE!

It’s Friday, and we don’t have a ton going on this weekend for the first time all August, giving me time to prepare and time to rest and try to heal from my cold.

Next, the bad…
I feel fat… my maternity clothes fit horribly these days, and the super cute fall stuff in the stores is making me sad, because I want to buy it, but don’t fit, and won’t fit in any of it any time soon. I did buy a shirt on my lunch hour today, for some retail therapy.

I still have a horrible cold and it isn’t one bit better, since I got it on Monday night.

The ultrasound yesterday took a long time, because our baby would not do a limb extension to pass the “tone” part of the test. Also the tech had a hard time measuring the blood vessel in the brain because the baby is so low in my pelvis (see good above). These moments were a bit scary to say the least.

Last, the ugly….
I heard someone today complain about the sex of their baby. Seriously? And here is where I could go on a big rant… but instead I'm just going to say, "YOU SUCK!"   

Some jack hole spilled coffee on my tan colored pants at Starbucks this morning – he spilled his whole coffee on the floor while I was standing putting cream in mine. The really ugly part of this is I have 3 pairs of pants that currently fit, and now one is stained with coffee spots!

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  1. Oooooo, too bad for the pants! I'm so glad to check in and know you are getting better news about the little one. Best of luck for you guys in the upcoming weeks! Only a little longer!

  2. Dawn Liquid Soap - takes most stains out! Give it a try!

    I would love to have your B/P that is amazing! Praying for your little one and for that cold. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Take care my Friend!


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