Misconceptions - Part #2

August 02, 2011

A couple weeks ago I shared with you Misconceptions - Part 1 about how it is often misquoted that "God won't give you more than you can handle."  In that post, I shared that there were actually 2 misconceptions that I hear over and over again.  Today I'd like to share my response to the second one.

"Everything will be OK."

It's a simple 4 words.  Its easy to say, isn't it?  I know I'm 100% guilty of saying this to people in the past too.  I know when I've used this before it is because I genuinely want to make someone feel better, feel a sense that there is hope.  But you know what?  Sometimes things aren't OK, and even more rarely is EVERYTHING OK.  Its much easier to live in a world where we believe everything will be OK, but the reality is:

People die.
Babies die.
Bad things happen to amazing people.
Horrible accident claims lives all too soon.
Innocent little children get horrible diseases.
People get, suffer, and then die from cancer.

These things are not OK.  For the people they happen to things are not OK.

In my world right now, it does not feel OK.  I know that people want to have hope.  I do too, but sometimes that is not reality.  Yesterday that was not my reality.  I walked in a fog through a humid, hazy day, and I was sad... really, really sad.  Some days are better, but there hasn't be a day I've been OK since May 12th.  Maybe that qualifies me for a fast track to Prozac, or maybe it just makes me human. 

This might never be OK.  Maybe we'll have an amazing, happy ending, but maybe not either.  Even if we do get a happy ending, I'm not sure things will ever be just "OK" again.  I will never be able to deny that my view of the world has changed.  I feel like I might forever live in a fog where continuous streams of bad things can happen.  How would I live in a world without this baby?  Alternatively, how would I live in a world where I get my miracle, but the next person over doesn't?  There are plenty of people that don't get their happy endings, and everything is not OK for them.  They just have to survive, as best they can.  And, I too will survive, but everything will never be OK.

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  1. Still praying and keeping you all in my thoughts!

  2. I don't think you're on a fast track to Prozac. I think you're having a normal, human reaction to a shitty situation. I don't know if everything will be ok but I have all my fingers crossed for that.

  3. I think some things just roll of peoples tongues and until they face something similar to the person they're saying things to, they'll never realize how inappropriate they are. We went through 8 years of infertility and I'm sure you can just imagine the lovely things that came out of peoples mouths. Not comforting at all and just down right makes you angry. I understand inappropriate comments and I'm SO sorry that you're getting them. You're right, things may never be "ok". Your normal will soon become a new normal for you. Praying for God's perfect timing for your little girl to arrive and for His protection all around her and your family.


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