August 19, 2011

First, I want to thank so many of you for sending me personal messages of prayers and encouragement this week.  Some familiar and some "lurkers".  I read and appreciate each note.  I save a lot of them, and in times I need it, I reread them.  They mean so much to me.

Secondly... my secret fan club (honestly didn't know I had one) must have been up to something recently, because one of my readers let me know earlier this week that I was nominated for Minnesota's most valuable blogger in the health/fitness/medical category! 

WOW!  I'm not going to beg for your vote or anything, but if you read my blog and you like it , then please consider voting for me.  You can actually vote once per day through September 9th!  I am among some great bloggers including Jen from Prior Fat Girl, which is just about as thrilling!

Anyways... I wanted to say thanks to whoever nominated me!

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  1. I'm not anywhere near Minn., but I voted for you anyways. :)

  2. I voted for you my Friend! You so deserve it!

    Take care!


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