Week 30 Pregnancy Update

August 03, 2011

Its August... I can hardly believe it!  The arrival of August both makes me amazed and fearful.  It means I'm over 30 weeks pregnant now, in a pregnancy at 19 weeks I was told would last "maybe a couple more weeks."  It means my dear "little" "L" turns 4 in only a week!  It is also the month that will see the 1 year anniversary of me hitting my Weight Watcher's goal weight - wish I could say I was still at goal, but I know I'm not supposed to be right now, so I have to be OK with that.  It's all of those things AND it is another month closer to us meeting our daughter (which I both anticipate with excitement and dread, but that is for another whole post).

Welcome August!

This past week was fairly uneventful in the pregnancy department.  I have been doing my kick counts religiously every night using this app, and to think 4 short years ago I was doing these with paper and pencil.  Its kind of fun to use the app!  I am religious about these, as almost exactly 4 years ago doing kick counts saved my son's life.  I was told he wouldn't probably have made it another 48 hours if I hadn't come in concerned about his lack of movement.  It was the start to what has been some major motherly instincts over the last 4 years.

Saturday my husband and I actually went out for a "date" thanks to my niece Katie, coming over to watch "L". 

What did we do?  Well... we went shopping... of course for the kids.  We bought "L" some jammies and little sister (you are all dying to know her name aren't you... I'm actually thinking of revealing it soon) some newborn clothes.  We got a giant bag of clothes at Carters for like $50!  I love Carters.  Yes, we are that lame.  We did go out for dinner too.  We went to Kona Grill.  It was delicious.  I had sea bass!  I, unfortunately, spent the majority of the day/early evening with a killer headache.  So much so that the last part of our date was to the drugstore for a blood pressure check.  No worries... my bp was definitely in a normal range, with the bottom number actually being quite low (60).

Sunday I spent time finally sorting clothes into keep and give away piles.  2 months ago I had 9 bins of boy clothes in my basement.  Today I have 1 bin in my car - off to Kids Carousel - a local resale shop - if you live in the Twin Cities area you HAVE to check this place out, and 0 in my basement.  I have a laundry basket full of tiny baby girl clothes just waiting to be washed, a cleaned up changing table, and swing ready ($20 garage sale score).  The crib front is leaning against the crib, just waiting to be attached.  I feel better about our progress in getting ready.  I was starting to get a little stressed about it all.  Once I have the room put together I'll share a picture in the coming weeks.

Other than that not much else to report.  I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, and next Wednesday afternoon (8/10) we are meeting with the pediatric neurosurgeon at the children's hospital.  I hope he's ready for us, because I have LOTS of questions, and as my own doctor will tell you I am NOT an easy patient.

So... the big question is... Do you want to know our daughter's name?  Do you even think I should share it?

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  1. Sounds like you've had a great week,except for the headache. That is a bummer! Would love to know her name, but I know that's kind of fun to keep secret.

    Keep staying strong my Friend!! You are doing awesome!

  2. Absolutely - PLEASE - you do want monogrammed stuff, don't you? I can't send you that without a name. :) Still praying for this little miracle girl!

  3. Totally up to you on the name! There are pros and cons to both sides, in my opinion. Like Lisa said, monograms are impossible without knowing. But I also love the surprise factor.

    Lookin good! Hang in there!

  4. No! Because I am one of the few who know . . . and I LOVE secrets!

  5. When my daughter was born the first thing I asked was, "Is she still a boy?" I was so worried that she was a he in hiding. :) As far as the name- I totally want to know!!!

  6. Of course we want to know! :o) But I understand wanting to keep something a secret too.

  7. Hmmm, I definitely want to know, but I actually think you shouldn't tell. It will be so exciting when she's born to be able to announce it then! Maybe you could just give us a first letter and let the guessing commence :)


  8. I would love to know just so that I can say her little name when I'm praying. Of course, God knows just who I'm talking about ;)


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