Week 34 Pregnancy Update

August 31, 2011

Right now, I am as pregnant as I've ever been.  I'm exactly 35 weeks today!  "L" was born at 34 weeks and 6 days.  I've passed that point of my last pregnancy, I'm still pregnant, and I'm not sick ... yet!  I am filled with gratitude to be at this point.  Back on May 12th at our 19 week ultrasound, I would have never guessed that I would be sitting here still pregnant on the very last day of August.

Tomorrow we will have our final growth ultrasound.  I really hope baby girl has taken a leap forward in growth in the past 3 weeks, since overall she has been measuring small.  After tomorrow's appointment, I have exactly 2 doctor's appointments left!  I will be beyond happy to not trek there every week! 

My nasty cold is mostly gone, and my hospital bag is packed! 

Overall I am feeling beyond tired... and nervous, sometimes like a complete wreck nervous, talk myself off a ledge nervous.  During times when the baby is quiet, I will admit I often start to freak out.  The baby was a bit quieter than normal earlier this week, but then the last couple days has been moving like crazy again.  My hope is that she was just doing LOTS of growing.  I get a momentary respite from the worry.  The worry, and my increasingly pregnant self, has definitely affected my sleep.

I read this week in a devotional that:
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of faith.”

Am I scared?  Heck yes!  But am I feeling courageous enough to make it through these last couple of weeks of this overall terrifying pregnancy?  Absolutely.  And that is certainly not my own doing.

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  1. Getting closer my Friend!!! Enjoy everything you can. This is a PRECIOUS time!!

    Love and hugs to you!

  2. This post makes me smile. I love that you are more pregnant than you've ever been and feel the courage to face the road ahead. Prayers and Hugs!

  3. Yeah! Glad to hear the great news; grow baby, grow!!! I like the devotional too:-)

  4. I am so excited for you...you made it this far! Keep it going! Can't wait to hear how the ultrasound goes and your dr. appts!

  5. Hooray for 35 weeks. And for courage despite fear. Thinking of you often and praying as well.


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